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  1. Act of State Doctrine
    In international law, a theory that each country's governmental actions are autonomously and not subject to judicial review by the courts in other countries
  2. Appropriation
    In international aw, teh taking of private property by a government; also known as expropriation; in torts use of the nave likeness or image of another for commercial purposes.
  3. bilateral treaties
    international law, a traty between two nations
  4. brief
    Documents prepared by lawyers on teh appeal of a case to provide the appellate court with a summary of teh case adn teh issues involved.
  5. citation
    Name given to abbriviated description of a court case or statute
  6. civil law
    laws affecting teh private rights of individuals
  7. code of federal regulations
    series of volumes carrying the enactments of all federal agencies
  8. common law
    originally teh law of england made uniform after william teh conqueror today teh nonstatutory law and teh law found in judical precedent
  9. confiscation
    in international law the taking of private property by a government
  10. constitutions
    Doucument that contains teh basic rights in a society and the structure of its governmenet; cannot be changed without the approval of teh societys members
  11. criminal law
    a crime in which the victim is defrauded by an international act of the perpetraton
  12. equity
    The portion of the law that originated to afford remedies when money damages were not apropriate; currently remedies of law and equity have merged and courts can award either or both
  13. executive orders
    Law of teh executive branch; sets policies for administrative workers and contracts.
  14. expropriation
    the taking of private property by a government for government use also know as appropriation
  15. injunctions
    equitable remedy in which courts order or enjoin a particular activity
  16. jurisprudence
    the philosophy of law
  17. justice theory
    a theory of jurisprudence that allowsonly those laws that serve to offer fairness, equality and opportunity.
  18. multilateral treaties
    a treaty agreed to by several nations
  19. nationalization
    the taking of private property by a gavernment for governmental use
  20. natural law theory
    law or princiles of behavior that exist without being written; supreme laws that canot be circumvented
  21. ordinances
    laws at the teh city town or country level
  22. party autonomy
    the right of parties to determine privately their choice of law
  23. power theory
    a theory of jurisprudence that teh law is whatever those who are in charge say the law should be that law come from power
  24. private law
    the law of contracts and the intrabusiness laws such as personnel rules
  25. procedural law
    laws that provide the means for enforcing rights
  26. public law
    law passed by some governmental agency
  27. stare decisis
    latin term for "let the decision stand"the doctrine of following or sidtinuishing case precedent
  28. state codes
    state lwas passed by legislatures
  29. statutory law
    law codified and written pssed by some governmental entitystatutory law
  30. substantive laws
    laws that give rights and rsponsibilities to individuals
  31. treaty
    in international law an agreement between two or more nations
  32. uniform commercial code UUC
    Uniform law adopted in forty-nine states governing sales contracts for goods commercial paper security interests documents of title and securities transfers
  33. uniform laws
    series of laws drafted by groups of business people law professors and lwyers adopted and codified by states to help attain a more unifor mommercial environment for transactions
  34. united states code USC
    statutory volumes of congressional enactments
  35. universal treaties
    a treaty accepted and rewcognized by all contries
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