Continental Drift

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  1. What is the theory of continental drift?
    (Alfred Wegener) The Earth once had a single land mass called Pangea. The continents slowly moved apart to where they are today
  2. Whats the evidence of continental drift?
    • 1. Continents seem to fit together
    • 2. Fossil evidence
    • 3. Geological evidence
  3. What is the fossil evidence for continental drift?
    • Mesosaurus (dinosaur) fossils have been found in South America and Africe
    • Glossopteris (plant) was in Australia, Antarctica, South America, and India
  4. What layers make up the Earth?
    • crust
    • mantle
    • core
  5. What is the crust?
    outermost layer (continents and ocean basins)
  6. What is the mantle?
    moving magma
  7. What is the asthenosphere?
    top layer of the mantle
  8. What is the geological evidence of continental drift?
    the same rocks were found on continents
  9. What is the core?
    outer core and solid inner core
  10. What is the theory of plate tectonics?
    Scientific evidemce that supports continental drift. The Earth's crust is brokenup into sections called plates
  11. What are plate tectonics?
    the plates move very slowly, as they float on the mantle
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