Genetic Code and Protein Synthesis

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  1. Start codon (1)
  2. Stop codons (3)
    • UAA
    • UAG
    • UGA
  3. Degeneracy of the genetic code
    One amino acid can be coded for by multiple codons
  4. Reading frames
    • Three potential reading frames for any mRNA sequence
    • Six potential reading frames for any DNA sequence (ds)
  5. Silent mutation
    change in codon does not result in change in amino acid
  6. Missense mutation
    change in codon results in change in amino acid sequence
  7. Nonsense mutation
    Change results in stop codon
  8. Frame-shift mutation
    One or two nucleotide insertion or deletion throws the reading frame out of register, resulting in longer or shorter proteins
  9. Wobble
    Allows one anticodon to base pair with several different codons
  10. Subunits of the 70s prokaryotic ribosome
    • 50S
    • 30S
  11. Subunits of the 80S eukaryotic ribosome
    • 60S
    • 40S
  12. Shine-Delgarno sequence
    • Signals for bacterial initiation of protein synthesis
    • Purine-rich sequence located upstream of the AUG codon
    • Registers the reading frame
  13. Prokaryotic ribosome sites
    • A - aminoacyl
    • P- peptidyl
    • E- exit
  14. Polysomes
    Multiple ribosomes workong in a single mRNA strand
  15. Tetracycline MOA
    Inhibits prokaryotic 30S ribosomal subunit
  16. Azitghromycin, clarithromycin, clindamycin MOA
    Inhibit prokaryotic 50S ribosomal sub unit
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