legal Terms

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  1. The
    person who complains; the accuser; he who brings suit.
  2. The use
    of force or violence upon the person of another "treatment without
  3. The
    accused: he who denies or defends against the accusations of another.
  4. The
    cause of the injury was closely related to the defendant's negligence.
    Proximate Cause
  5. An
    exception to the hearsay rule. Evidence admissible even though may be
    Res Gestae
  6. "The
    thing speaks for itself". Obvious charge. Circumstantial evidence doctrine:
    nature of the injury strongly or obviously implicates negligence.
    Res Ipsa Loquitor
  7. Defamation
    of character by verbal statements.
  8. The
    order which requires you to appear in court
  9. Written
    testimony; under oath, in response to interrogation (written and/or oral
  10. Being
    held legally responsible for negligent acts
  11. Legal
    limit on the time a person has to file a suit in a civil matter when an injury
    occurs or when an injured person discovered the injury
    Statute of limitation
  12. Failure
    to act in such a way as to avoid harm to others
    Breach of duty
  13. Wrongful
    injury .A civil wrong.
  14. Laws
    exempting physicians and other medical professionals from liability for
    treatment given in accident case.
    Good Samaritan Law
  15. Wrongful
  16. The lag
    between the time when an injury occurs and the claim is settled
    long tail
  17. term referring to professional negligence
  18. Insurance covering a professional for
    malpractice and personal liability theoretically covers a professional only for
    malpractice liability
    professional liability insurance
  19. Vicarious liability of the employer for the
    negligent actions oh his employees
    respondent superior
  20. Acts performed or omitted that a prudent
    practitioner would have not done, degree of care, judgment and skill of a
    competent nurse in like or similar circumstance. Based on testing
    standard of care
  21. Let the decision stand, legal principle that
    previous decisions made by the court should be applied to new cases
    stie decises(precedent)
  22. Limits of the nursing practice as defined by the
    state statutes
    scope of practice
  23. Action of an individual which gives another
    person apprehension of immediate harm
  24. Phys responsible for those under their
    captain of the ship doctrine
  25. Damage of the reputation and good name of an
    individual by communication to others
  26. A professional familiar with the procedure
    involved in the suit, who can testify as to whether or not there was a
    deviation from expected care
    expert witness
  27. Once who is called to testify to the facts or
    occurrence in a case
    Fact witness
  28. Holds the individual liable for all consequences
    of any negligent act which could or should have been foreseen under the
  29. Four elements
    • 1 duty owned to plaintiff by the defendant to use due care
    • 2 duty was breached
    • 3plantiff was injured or damaged
    • 4injury caused by defendants negligence
  30. Exposure of a person to risk of injury by a
    commissive or ommissive action
  31. Protection against interference which is serious
    or beyond the limits of a common idea of decent conduct
    right of privacy
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