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  1. Cooling water supplies for instrument air compressor after coolers?
    • C-2A/C
    • -critical service water
    • C-2B
    • -non critical service water
  2. Purpose of high pressure air system?
    • Safety related portion of the system provides high pressure control air for operation of vital valves located in each of the engineered safeguards rooms.
    • Non safety related portion provides high pressure control air for operation of non vital valves in the turbine building.
  3. CV-1221 " Service/instrument air tie in from the FWP building"
    • Isolation between instrument air/FWP air
    • Normally closed
    • Operated by control switch in CR
    • No auto functions
    • Fails open on a loss of air/DC bus D-11
  4. Service air header supplies?
    • Cooling tower level (M/U basin) instrumentation bubblers
    • Hose bibs
    • Breathing air
    • Control air to fire protection deluge systems
    • -track alley
    • Spent resin storage and ALPS
    • Air to P-972 "pumping trap for E-57 condensate"
    • -SIRWT HX trap
  5. Purpose of FWP air?
    • Non safety related and independent air system providing filtered, moisture-free air to feedwater building components
    • Also can supply filtered, dried air directly to the instrument and service air system.
  6. Instrument air compressor starts?
    • CR handswitch
    • -in hand
    • --breaker closes
    • --compressor starts up
    • --microprocessor controls load/unload
    • --load at 95 psig, unload at 105 psig
    • -in auto, starts on low header pressure of 92 psig
  7. Instrument air prefilters F-12A/B max D/P?
    4 psid
  8. Minimum T-9A/T-9B, high pressure air tanks, pressure in Modes 1,2,3 >/= 325F.
    >/= 260 psig
  9. Instrument air compressors C-2A, C-2B, C-2C
    • Air cooled rotary screw type compressor
    • 288 CFM at 125 psig
    • Operating range 95-105 psig
  10. High pressure control air reciever tank design basis?
    • 57.7 ft3 at 350 psig
    • -allows all valves to be stroked twice at a starting pressure of 260 psig assuming no compressor running
  11. Instrument air compressor booster fan power supply?
    • MCC-3
    • Normally in auto
    • -runs when the compressor is running
  12. FWP C-903A/B ratings/power supply?
    • Powered from LCC-91 (E bus)
    • 876 SCFM at 125 psig
    • -normally use 50-100 SCFM
    • NOP
    • -95-110 psig
    • Cooled by non critical service water with a backup from the fire main
    • Auto starts at 95 psig when in auto (standby)
  13. Instrument air post filters, F-5A/B, max D/P?
    4 psid
  14. Purpose of the instrument air system?
    • Non safety related system that is required fo normal plant operations
    • -portions of the system are treated as safety-related
    • -containment isolation portion is safety related
    • -safety related control valves have N2 backup
    • Designed to provide a reliable source of dry, oil free air for instrumentation and controls, and service air
    • Design based on estimated consumption rate of 80 SCFM for nuclear steam supply steam and 115 SCFM for the remainder of the plant
  15. High pressure air compressors, C-6A/B/C, ratings/power supplies?
    • 22.3 scfm at 325 psig
    • NOP 310-325 psig
    • Power supplies
    • -C-6A
    • --MCC 8 (D)
    • -C-6B
    • --MCC 7 (C)
    • -C-6C
    • --MCC 4 (E)
  16. Backup to T-9C high pressure air reciever tank?
    • Service air can supply T-9C via a temporary hose from an air bib
    • -must bleed off reciever tank pressure
  17. Purpose of the service air system?
    Non safety related system that provides unfiltered, undried air directly from the instrument air to service air hose stations and components throughout the plant
  18. CV-1211 "Penetration MZ-65 instrument air containment isolation"
    • Provides isolation between instrument air and containment instrument air header
    • Normally open
    • -handswitch in the CR
    • Fails open on a loss of air/loss of D-11
    • N2 backup to allow closure
    • -N2 station #5
  19. Instrument air compressor load/unload operation?
    • Load at 95 psig
    • Unload at 105 psig
    • If running unloaded for > 10 minutes
    • -compressor goes to sleep
    • -compressor will restart at < 95 psig
  20. What must be done if T-9A lowers to < 260 psig in Modes 1,2,3 >/= 325oF?
    • Tank shall be declared inoperable
    • The instrument air and N2 supply to all CVs supplied by the inoperable tank shall be checked to ensure correct alignment
    • Review LCO 3.5.2. "ECCS-operating"
  21. Instrument air compressor power supplies?
    • C-2A
    • -LCC-11
    • C-2B
    • -LCC-12
    • C-2C
    • -LCC-11
  22. What must be done if T-9B lowers to <260 psig in Modes 1,2,3 >/= 325oF?
    • Declare T-9B inoperable
    • Enter LCO 3.0.3.
  23. Air bottle backup station
    • 3 SCBA bottles connected to manifold to supply backup air to CV-0318 "P-66 discharge to HPSI train 2"
    • Normally isolated
  24. CV-1212 "Service air header isolation"
    • Isolates instrument air from service air
    • No handswitch, operates off of a pressure switch
    • Auto closes on 85 psig instrument air header pressure
    • Fails closed on loss of air/ DC bus D-11
  25. Instrument air compressor trips
    • Overcurrent
    • Undervoltage
    • Load shed on loss of offsite power
    • -must restart compressor, doesn't sequence on
    • Various microprocessor alarms

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