Political Science Test 2

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  1. Alabama and Florida
    • 1/3 of their black adult male
    • population is ineligible to vote because of imprisonment
  2. AARP
    largest voluntary association in America, and one of the biggest interest groups
  3. Agenda Setting
    • occurs when the media affects which issues and problems people think about, even if the media do not determine what positions people adopt (generally
    • effects people who are uninterested/uninformed about politics)
  4. American people
    tend to be non-ideological
  5. Americans vote ____ compared to
    other countries
    at much lower levels
  6. “Amicus curiae”
    “friend of the court” briefing that can be sent to attempt and help the Supreme Court form a decision. (involved in “litigation”)
  7. Auto-workers
    well-informed and have particularly strong views on foreign imports
  8. Bigham Powell estimates (voter turnout)
    • 10-15% turnout rate difference between America and
    • Europe can be accounted for by our electoral institutions
  9. Brown v. BoE (major interest group:
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