National Pt Safety Goals

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  1. What is the purpsoe of the National Patient Safety Goals?
    To improve patient saftey. The goal focus on problems in health care safety and how to solve them.
  2. Identify patients correctly:
    Use at least two ways to identify patients.
  3. Improve staff communication:
    Get improtant test results to the right staff person on time.
  4. Use medicines safety by:
    Label medicines

    Take extra care with patients who take medicines to thin their blood.

    Record and pass along correct information about patients medicines.
  5. Prevent infection:
    Use hand cleaning guidelines

    Use proven guidelines to prevent infections that are difficult to treat, prevent infection of the blood from central lines, and prevent infection after surgery.
  6. Identify patient saftey risk:
    Find out which patients are most likely to commit suicide.
  7. Prevent mistakes in surgery:
    • Done on correct patient
    • Mark the correct place on patients body
    • Pause before surgery to make sure that a mistake is not being made.
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