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  1. Definition of nursing:
    • Prevention of illness
    • Care of the sick
    • Rehabillitative services
  2. Virgina Henderson
    "The unique function of the nurse is to assist the individual, sick or well, in the performance of those activities contributing to health or its recovery or to peaceful death that he would perform unaided if he had the necessary strength, will or knowledge. And to do this in such a way as to help him gain independence as rapidly as possible"
  3. Melma Engles:
    The art of helping people feel better as simple and as complex as this.
  4. Florence Nightingale:
    • Born May 13, 1820
    • Attended Kaiserwerth
    • Worked The Sisters of Charity
  5. Florence Nightingale:
    • Crimean War
    • Known as "Lady of the Lamp"
    • Morality rate went down 400/100 to 22/100
  6. Florence Nightingale used her fame and power to:
    • Institute reforms in the British healthcare system.
    • Reformed hospitals, workshops and infirmaires.
    • Established nursing as a profession.
  7. 10 leading cause of death
    • Heart disease
    • cancer
    • stroke
    • chronic lower respiratory disease
    • Nephritis
    • accident
    • alzehemiers
    • diabetes
    • influenza
    • septicemia
  8. Set up EBP
    • Why
    • Literature
    • Validate evidence
    • Apply Science
    • Take a new look
  9. Scope of Practice
    • Function according to Nursing Practice Act
    • Laws define the limits we you can do
  10. Standard of Care
    National norm standards
  11. Negligence
    Acts to cause harm.
  12. Reciprocity
    Applying for a license in another state
  13. 10 ways to keep your doc out of court
    • Assese & document with intention
    • Maintain current standards of care
    • Apply strategies to your assessment pattern
    • Apply strategies into the charting
    • Beware of the error chain
    • Maintain flexibility
    • Recognize your learning style
    • Recognize the limits of your skills and education
    • Beware of all docu. that you sign
    • Review your nites after you enter them.
  14. Values
    A desired state; things society deems desirable
  15. Imperatives
    A duty to do or forbear
  16. Morals
    Things we are taught to do; strong religious influence
  17. Ethics
    A system of values and behaviors and ideals
  18. Purpose of Ethics 4 context
    • Conduct
    • Character
    • Consciousness
    • Community

    To address the ?'s of our life and our practice in a variety of contexts.
  19. Veracity
    A duty to tell the truth
  20. Accountbility
    Being respondsible for ones actions
  21. Paternalism
    "Father Knows Best Method"

    The provider tries to act on behalf of the patient and believes that his or her actions are justified b/c of a commitment to act in the best intrest of the patient.
  22. What does the code of ethics provide
    Standards and values for professionals
  23. Nursing Ethics
    System of principle concering the action of the nurse in relationships with the pts, family and other health care providers.
  24. US
    Wait until certainly-treat until certainly
  25. Scandanavin Countires
  26. Great Britian
    Trial of therapy
  27. Non-Malfeasance
    Do no harm
  28. Beneficence
    Duty to promote the health & well-being of the patient
  29. Autonomy
    Self Determination
  30. Justice
    Fairness of distrubution of resources, burdens benefits.
  31. SBAR Repoting technique
    • Situation
    • Background
    • Assessment
    • Recommendations
  32. EBP
    An interdisciplinary approach to healthcare that bases descisions and practices strategies on the best available evidence including:

    Research Quality Improvement Data Clinical Expertise Patient Values Considering Feasibility Risk/Harm and Cost
  33. Top 5 Medical Errors
    • Surgical treatments
    • non surgical treatments
    • Medical errors
    • Risk for falls
    • Health Accquired Infections
  34. BSN programs became popluar after what?
  35. Nursing dx for patients should include problems involving the effects of their culture?

    True or False
  36. Our beliefs should come from valid sources: Name the 3
    • Scientific Reports
    • Surveys
    • Proven Information
  37. Diversity
    Your personal value system
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