Vitamin Deficiency

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  1. Vitamin A Deficiency
    • night blindness
    • xerophthalmia (eye infection)
    • susceptibility to infection
  2. Vitamin D Deficiency
    weak bones and teeth
  3. Vitamin E Deficiency
    erythrocyte hemolysis(breaking open RBC)
  4. Vitmain K Deficiency
    • hemorrhaging
    • sulfa drugs & antibiotics over extended period of time can cause deficiency of Vitamin K
  5. Vitamin C Deficiency
    • bleeding gums
    • poor healing of wounds(faulty collagen formation)
    • anemia
    • microcytic(small cell)
    • bruising
  6. Thiamin Deficiency
    • effect nerves & nervous system
    • poor morale
    • mental confusion
  7. Riboflavin Deficiency
    • Cheilosis---cracks at corners of mouth
    • Glossitis--infection of tounge
  8. Niacin B3 Deficiency
    • 4 D's (dermatitis, diarrhea, dementia, death)
    • sensitive to sunlight
    • glossitis
  9. Pantothenic Acid Deficiency
    not commom
  10. B6 Deficiency
    microcyte(small cell) anemia
  11. B12 Deficiency
    • lack of intrinsic factor wil cause a person not to absorb B12
    • megaloblastic anemia(large cell type)
  12. Folic Acid Deficiency
    • megaloblastic anemia (like B12)
    • neural tube defects
    • spina bifida (spine split)
    • anencephaly (no brain)
  13. Biotin Deficiency

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Vitamin Deficiency
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Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin Deficiency
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