BIO 130

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  1. When was the Publication date of Darwin's book, On the Origins of Species by Means of Natural Selection?
  2. Darwin and______ both developed and proposed the theory of evolution by natural selection.
  3. Who proposed the geological theory of catastrophism?
  4. Who suggested that giraffes developed their long necks over time by stretching?
  5. Fossils are rocks or sediments that_____.
    Bear the impressions or shapes of preserved organisms.
  6. Modern geologists estimate that the age of the Earth is about_________ years old.
    4.5 billion.
  7. Sea squirts and lampreys, which are both aquatic animals, have a perforated pharynx, a ventral heart, and a notochord at some stage of development. These similarities are BEST explained by_____.
  8. Structures that serve little or no purpose in the organism being considered, but are homologous to important structures in other organisms, are referred to as_____.
  9. Convergent evolution occurs when_____.
  10. The fact that whales have pelvic and leg bones indicates_____.
    Ancestral whales had legs.
  11. The human appendix is an example of a(n)_____.
  12. Which of the following are vestigial structures?
  13. Some animal species found in caves have tiny, nonfunctional eyes.These are BEST described as_____.
  14. The wings of insects and bats are_____ structures.
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