Americas 10/19/11

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  1. What kind of blood are native americans?
    pure bloods
  2. What country in Middle America has a lot of pure blood native americans?
  3. What 3 countries in South America have a lot of pure blooded native americans?
    • Ecuador
    • Peru
    • Bolivia
  4. What geographical feature in South America has a lot of purebloods?
    the Andes Mountains
  5. What areas in Latin America is prodominantly black?
    • Caribbean
    • Bahamas
  6. Pure blooded whites in Latin America are what nationalities?
    • Poruguese
    • Spanish
  7. What two countries have a lot of pure blooded whites in South America?
    • Uruguay
    • Argentina
  8. Where are there some Nazi areas in South America?
    • Paraguay
    • Argentina
  9. What is the term for Jewish people seeking a place for their nation/homeland?
  10. What are there some significant Jewish areas in South America?
    Jewish people seeking a homeland due to Zionism
  11. What country did the Jewish people go to in their attempt to find a homeland?
  12. What two countries did the Jewish people flock to for a homeland throughout the world?
    • Uganda, Africa
    • Argentina, South America
  13. What ethnicity were the people who owned the slave ships?
  14. Who brought the Africans to the coast to be sold?
    other African tribes who were at war with them
  15. What was different about slavery in Latin America than in North America?
    • they could win their freedom by either:
    • fighting in the revolution
    • serve their master really well
  16. since Latin America doesn't use blood to seperate people what do they use?
    • economic status
    • the lightness or darkness of skin
  17. What was the only way slaves could gain freedom in North America?
    getting through the underground railroad
  18. What ethnic group is slavery typically associated with in North America?
  19. What language is spoken in Haiti?
    • French
    • (French Guiana as well)
  20. What language is spoken in Brazil?
  21. What doctrine was written in 1823?
    the Monroe Doctrine
  22. When was Napoleon running around in Europe?
    late 1700's- early 1800's
  23. When did many countries in latin America fight for their independence?
    during the time that Napoleon was taking power in Europe
  24. By what time had most of Latin America gained their independence?
  25. What was the idea called that whoever was the real ruler before Napoleon took over should be able to get their country back called?
  26. What did President Monroe do when the Europeans tried to take back Latin America after Napoleon?
    He told them that he was backing Latin America
  27. What country in South America had a monarchy for a while?
  28. How did Brazil used to have a monarchy?
    when the royal family went back to Europe after Napoleon they let some of the royal family remain to lead the country
  29. Where was the Panama canal originally going to be put?
    through a big lake in Nicaragua
  30. Who refused to let us put a canal through Panama?
    Columbia because they controlled Panama at the time
  31. Who fight a revolt against Columbia with help from America?
    the Panamanians
  32. How did the Panamanians beat Columbia in the revolt?
    there just happened to be a bunch of US warships off the coast of Panama
  33. How long was the strip of land we made a deal for in Panama?
    10 miles long
  34. What was Roosevelt's famous saying?
    "Walk softly and carry a big stick"
  35. How much money did we send down to Columbia after the Panamanian revolt?
    15 million dollars
  36. what was the idea called that if there was instability in Latin America we could intervene to create stability?
    the Roosevelt Corollary (1904)
  37. Who was the American president when Cuba was taken over by Communism?
    Lydon Johnson
  38. How far away in Cuba from us?
    90 miles
  39. Which President invaded Cuba with the Bay of Pigs incedent?
  40. What area do we control in Communist Cuba?
  41. What is the doctrine that says we can invade a Latin America country because of instability?
    The Johnson Doctrine
  42. What is the idea called that if we think something is about to happen we can stop it?
    preemptive strike
  43. What issue brought about the Johnson Doctrine?
    communism wanting to build an airbase in Granada
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