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  1. What must be done with a full core offload and SDC system being used for cooling the SFP?
    • Monitor fuel pool level and LPSI pump
    • -continuously until stable for 10 minutes
    • -hourly after that
  2. SFP boron concentration admin limit?
    >2550 ppm boron
  3. How will a low spent fuel pool water level impact the spent fuel pool cooling system?
    • Low level
    • -less shielding
    • -low pump suction pressure
    • -loss of cooling
  4. Purpose of the SFP cooling system?
    • Remove decay heat from spent fuel stored in the fuel.
    • Designed to maintain temperature less than 1500F with a maximum of one spent fuel cooling pump operating.
  5. What is the impact of a loss of a SFP cooling pump?
    • No cooling
    • Indications of low level
    • Evaporative losses
    • Potential damaged fuel if the condition persists long enough
  6. Spent fuel pool heat exchangers (E-53A/B)
    • Designed to withstand a temperature transient of 60oF to 212oF in 5 seconds
    • Cooled by CCW
  7. Design features that prevent loss of water in the SFP?
    • Maximize water level minimizes rad levels
    • No drains in the main pool
    • Inlet/outlet piping are close to the SFP surface, these failures only cause about a 3 foot loss of water level
  8. SFP recirc booster pump P-82?
    • 160 gpm
    • Powered from MCC-8
  9. SFP PPC temperature alarms
    • Low at 75oF
    • High at 125oF
    • High high at 140oF
  10. SFP demineralizer
    • Mixed bed demineralizer
    • Design flow of 150 gpm
    • Design pressure of 200 psig
    • Design temperature of 220oF
    • Normally 140-150 gpm
  11. What are the SFP normal and design temperature limits?
    • Normally 57-125oF
    • -lower limit for┬ámaintaining above 40F assumed in the criticality analysis
    • -upper limit for protecting the demineralizer resins
    • May be widened to 75-140oF
    • Design 68-150oF
    • -lower for the criticality analysis
    • -upper is for no localized boiling at the surface of the hottest fuel rod
  12. Time to boil for a loss of cooling in the SFP
    • 8 hours for 1/3 offload
    • 3 hours with full core offload
  13. What are the SFP cooling pumps P-51A/B ratings and power supplies?
    • 1700 gpm
    • 40 HP motor
    • P-51A
    • -MCC-7
    • P-51B
    • -MCC-8
  14. LCO 3.7.15: SFP boron concentration
    • LCO 3.7.15: SFP boron concentration shall be >/= 1720 ppm
    • APP: When fuel assemblies are stored in the SFP
    • Note: LCO 3.0.3. is not applicable
    • Actions:
    • SFP boron concentrations are not within limits
    • -suspend movement of fuel assemblies in the SFP-IMMEDIATELY AND
    • -initiate action to restore SFP boron concentration to within limits-IMMEDIATELY
  15. LCO 3.7.14: SFP water level
    • LCO 3.7.14: The SFP water level shall be >/= 647 ft elevation
    • Note: SFP level may be below the 647 ft elevation to support fuel cask movement, if the displacement of water by the fuel cask when submerged in the SFP, would raise SFP level >/= 647ft elevation
    • APP: During movement of irradiated fuel assemblies in the SFP.
    • During movement of a fuel cask in or over the SFP
    • Note: LCO 3.0.3. not applicable
    • Actions: SFP water level not within the limit
    • -suspend movement of irradiated fuel assemblies-IMMEDIATELY
    • -suspend movement of the fuel cask in or over the SFP-IMMEDIATELY

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