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  1. Cervical Identify: Transverse Foraman, Vertebral Foramen, Spinous ProcessImage Upload 1
    Image Upload 2
  2. Cervical Identify: Atlas, Axis
    Image Upload 3
    Image Upload 4
  3. Thoracic Identify: Spinous Process, Transverse Process
    Image Upload 5
    Image Upload 6
  4. Lumbar Identify: Superior and Inferior Articular Processes, Spinous ProcessImage Upload 7
    Image Upload 8
  5. Sacrum Identify: Dorsal (opening) Foramina, Median Sacral CrestImage Upload 9
    Image Upload 10
  6. Scapula Identify: Glenoid Cavity, Spine, Acromion Process, Caracoid ProcessImage Upload 11
    Image Upload 12
  7. Humerus Identify: Deltoid Tuberosity, Medial and Lateral EpicondylesImage Upload 13
    Image Upload 14
  8. Ulna Identify: Olecrenon Process, Coronoid Process.
    Radius Identify: Styloid Process
    Image Upload 15
    Image Upload 16
  9. Pelvic Girdle Identify: Illiac Crest, Acetabulum, Ishial Tuberosity, Obturator Foramen.Image Upload 17
    Image Upload 18
  10. Femur Identify: Greater and Lesser Trochanter, Linea Aspera, Intercondylar NotchImage Upload 19
    Image Upload 20
  11. Tibia Identify: Tibial Tuberosity, Anterior Crest, Medial Malleous.
    Fibula Identify: Lateral Malleous
    Image Upload 21
    Image Upload 22
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