Vitamins Major Functions

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  1. Relationship to Amino Acids, conversion of Amino Acid to niacin?
  2. Formation of new cells?
    B-12 & Folic Acid
  3. Replacement of RBC(red blood cells) & digestive track cells?
    Folic Acid
  4. Metabolism of energy nutrients?
    Vitamins C & B complex vitamins (all B vitamins)
  5. Increases the absorption of iron; increases the absorption of folic acid; collagen formation?
    Vitamin C
  6. Normal vision, epithelial cell, fight infection, normal bone growth?
    Vitamin A
  7. Makes calcium and phosphorus available in the blood; acts like hormone?
    Vitamin D
  8. Antioxidant; protects vitamin A and PUFA from oxidation?
    Vitamin E
  9. Blood clotting, formation of prothrombin?
    Vitamin K
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Vitamins Major Functions
Vitamins Major Functions
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