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  1. Effects of long term operation of fire water pumps with system pressure <60 psig?
    Pump damage due to runout
  2. Fire pump auto starts
    • P-9A
    • -98 psig
    • P-9B
    • -83 psig
    • P-41
    • -68 psig
  3. What does the NCO do upon recieving a report of a fire?
    • Announce twice on the PA system, fire in/at and give location
    • Sound the fire alarm for at least 30┬áseconds
    • Announce twice more on the PA system
    • After sounding alarm
    • -maintain communications with the brigade leader
    • -request offsite assistance
    • -notify security if offsite has been requested
  4. What must be done when a fire barrier is inoperable?
    • Shift manager shall:
    • -initiate appropriate compensatory measures IAW FPIP-4, fire protection systems and fire protection equipment, section 14.3
    • -notify security to initiate continuous fire watches or hourly fire tour and provide them with:
    • --inoperable fire barrier number
    • --location of inoperable fire barrier
    • --WR/WO#
    • --CR number
    • -security adds to fire tour cover sheet
  5. Why must fire protection sytem pressure be at least 100 psig?
    • Prevents fire pumps from auto starting
    • Minimizes water hammer
  6. What must be done to remove the jockey pump from service?
    • Chemistry and radiological services will have to obtain local samples for RETS/REM compliance
    • Manually start P-9A OR
    • -spare with a service water booster pump P-25A/B/C
    • If removed for >2 hours fire protection section must be notified
  7. ORM section 3.5 fire protection/aux feed
    • 3.5.1.a One fire protection pump shall be operable
    • 3.5.1.d. Fire water makeup to the AFW pumps P-8A/B suction and the service water backup to P-8C suction shall be operable

    APP: Modes 1-3

    • Actions:
    • 3.5.2.C
    • -FW to P-8A/B may be inoperable for a period of 7 days if service water makeup to P-8C and its corresponding flow control valves are operable
    • 3.5.2.D
    • -Exact opposite of above
    • 3.5.3
    • -Required action and completion time not met-convene the PRC
  8. When do you immediately call out the fire brigade?
    • Charging pump room sprays
    • Charging pump hallway
    • Remote shutdown panel and stairwell
    • C Bus
    • Cable Spreading
  9. What are the P-9A/P-13 power supplies?
    • P-9A
    • -LCC-13
    • P-13
    • -MCC-5

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