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  1. What closes CV-2009 (CVCS containment isolation valve)?
    • CHP
    • CHR
  2. What happens to boric acid recirc valve on SIS?
    Recieves a close signal
  3. Where does the VCT vent to?
    Waste gas surge tank
  4. Charging pump suction sources?
    • VCT
    • SIRWT
    • Spent fuel pool
    • Gravity feed from BASTs
    • Boric acid pumps from BASTs
  5. PS-0220/0221, letdown pressure downstream of orifices
    Sends close signals to SV-2002A/B, letdown orifice bypass valves, at 500 psig
  6. EK-0735 "Charging lo flow"
    • 25 gpm from FIA-0212 (charging flow indicator)
    • FIA-0212 also starts P-55B (normal and DBA sequencer) at 25 gpm
  7. What does TICA-0204 (letdown flow local temperature controller indicator) do?
    • Sends a close signal to CV-2014 (now closed)
    • -CV-2014, failed fuel monitor isolation valve
    • Sends bypass signal to CV-2023 (IX bypass)
    • -prevents damaging/melting IX resin
    • Alarms and actuates at 130oF
  8. TIA-0202 (Relief valve RV-2006 outlet temperature indicating alarm)
    • Indicates when RV-2006 lifts or leaks
    • 200oF setpoint for the alarm
  9. What temperature is TIC-0203 (letdown temperature controller) normally set at?
    • 110oF
    • on C-02
  10. Purpose of the Chemical volume control system?
    • Maintain the required volume of water in the PCS over the range of full to zero reactor power with out requiring makeup
    • Maintain the chemistry and purity of the PCS
    • Maintain the desired boric acid concentration in the PCS
    • Pressure test the PCS
  11. When does CV-2023, demin bypass valve, bypass the demins?
    When in auto it bypasses at 130oF to protect the demins
  12. What is the problem with transferring CV-0202 and CV-1212 between HIC-1212 and PIC-0202?
    Can cause intermediate pressure letdown pressure variations and possible lifting of the letdown relief valve
  13. Charging pump power supplies
    • A
    • -LCC-12
    • B
    • -LCC-12
    • -can be supplied from LCC-11 through P-55C breaker
    • --all interlocks and permissives are maintained
    • C
    • -LCC-11

    • B/C
    • -can recieve alternate power from LCC-13
    • --lose all interlocks and permissives
  14. Modes of operation for PIC-0202 (Intermediate pressure letdown controller)
    • Auto
    • -controls via input from PT-0202
    • Manual
  15. Boric Acid Tank alarms
    • 100% high level
    • 20% low level
    • 2.1% low low level
    • 94.5% common low level alarm (118")
    • High temperature 170oF
    • Low temperature 150oF
  16. E-56 Regenerative Heat Exchanger
    • Cooled by charging discharge
    • Designed to maintain letdown outlet temperature <450oF with max letdown and minimum charging
  17. Design/purpose of T-54 VCT
    • Sized to accomodate a zero to full power rise with out diversion and a full to zero power lowering with out makeup
    • Maintained between 68%-78% and 21-35 psig
  18. CV-2056 (diverting valve)
    • 3 position handswitch VCT/AUTO/TO CWRT
    • When in auto it will divert letdown to the CWRT at 94.4% VCT level, when at 91.4% VCT level it diverts back to the VCT
  19. How many gallons/% in the VCT?
    34 gallons/1%
  20. EK-1512 (Purification filter high differential pressure)
    alarms at 35 psid on C-40
  21. What is the purpose of HS-0202 (on C-12)?
    • Determines which control valve is controlled by PIC-0202 or HIC-2122
    • -CV-2122/2012
    • CV-2122 manual/CV-2012 auto
    • -CV-2122 is controlled by HIC-2122 and CV-2012 is controlled by PIC-0202
    • CV-2122 auto/CV-2012 manual
    • -CV-2122 is controlled by PIC-0202 and CV-2012 is controlled by HIC-2122
  22. CV-2002, letdown orifice bypass valve, operation
    • 2 solenoid valves SV-2002A/B
    • When in auto
    • -SV-2002A will close if either
    • --500 psig on PS-0220 (intermediate letdown pressure)
    • --190 psig on PS-0222 (letdown pressure) to protect demins
    • -SV-2002B will close if either
    • --500 psig on PS-0221 prevents opening RV-2006
    • --160 gpm on FIC-0202 (letdown flow indicator controller)
    • ---excess flow will channel demins
  23. RV-2013, low pressure letdown line safety relief valve, setpoint
    • 200 psig
    • Relief valve discharges to the VCT
  24. EK-0704, letdown heat exchanger tube inlet, Hi-Lo pressure
    • Alarms on
    • -high pressure at 500 psig
    • -low pressure at 400 psig
  25. VCT low low level
    • At 7.9% (VCT lo-lo level alarm)
    • -close MO-2087 (VCT outlet)
    • -open MO-2160 (SIRWT outlet)
    • -close MO-2155, Makeup stop
    • At 10.8% after a lo-lo level
    • -clears lo-lo alarm
    • -can swap charging pump suctions
  26. Charging pump starts
    • P-55B and P-55C (if in auto) on low PZR level
    • SIAS with standby power available
    • -all 3 pumps start
    • SIAS and standby power not available
    • -P-55A and P-55C start at 2 seconds
    • -P-55B starts if FIA-0212 doesn't see 25 gpm
  27. CV-2001 letdown isolation valve
    Isolates letdown on high temperature of 470oF when in auto
  28. What are the power supplies for boric acid pumps?
    • P-56A
    • -MCC-2
    • P-56B
    • -MCC-1
  29. TICA-0201, letdown temperature indicator
    • Alarms at 460oF
    • Isolates letdown at 470oF
  30. MOV-2087 VCT outlet valve power supply and auto closure
    • MCC-1
    • Closes on:
    • -VCT lo lo signal 7.9%
    • -SIAS signal
  31. What is the setpoint for RV-2006, letdown line relief valve, and where does it relieve to?
    • Lifts at 600 psig to protect the letdown line and components
    • Relieves to the quench tank
  32. CV-2002, CV-2202 (letdown orifice bypass valves)
    Used during PCS low pressure operations to raise letdown flow when there is not enough PCS pressure to force letdown through the orifices.
  33. EK-0740 "charging pumps discharge lo pressure"
    Alarms at 2000 psig
  34. EK-0706 "letdown hx cooling excess flow"
    • Alarms at 14 psid
    • DPC-0909 letdown HX CCW differential pressure controller limits CV-0909 opening to <12 psid
  35. What is the purpose of CV-2012, 2122 (Intermediate letdown regulating valves)?
    • Prevents flashing of the letdown fluid prior to being cooled by the letdown heat exchanger
    • Normal setpoint is 460 psig
    • Controls PCS pressure during solid plant ops
  36. EK-0734 "charging pump seal cooling low pressure"
    Alarms when the charging pump seal pressure is <5 psig and the charging pump breaker is closed.
  37. What are the charging pump trips?
    • Low suction pressure
    • -10 psia
    • Low lube oil pressure
    • -9 psig
    • Overcurrent
    • Loadshed
    • P-55B and C on high pressurizer level
    • P-55A on fluid drive at 150oF
  38. What are the VCT alarms?
    • VCT high temperature
    • -130oF
    • VCT level alarm
    • -high
    • --96.6%
    • -low
    • --62.5%
    • VCT pressure alarm
    • -high
    • --50 psig
    • -low
    • --4 psig
  39. MOV-2170/MOV-2169 boric acid tank gravity feed isolations
    • Powered from MCC-1
    • Has blue overload light
    • Recieves an open signal from SIS
  40. At what pressure/flow does CV-2002, letdown orifice bypass valve close and why?
    • Closes at 190 psig to protect demineralizers
    • Closes at 160 gpm (alarm)
    • 500 psig prior to the letdown heat exchanger

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