APUSH Unit 1, Chapters 2-4

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  1. What company was founded in VA?
    The London Company
  2. What rights / authorities does a Charter grant?
    • Offical doc
    • Outlines the rights of englishmen
    • settlers could form councils
  3. Why did settlers expect to find in VA?
    • Gold
    • Medals
    • Etc....
  4. Where did the settlers settle in VA?
    James River Settlement
  5. Why was the James River Settlement chosen?
    • Favorable defensive position
    • Lack of Native Americans
  6. Another name for James River seattlement?
    Mosquito - Infected Swamp
  7. What made a colony prosperous?
    The production of tobbacco farming
  8. social / econoic problems in VA?
    Lack of Social: cause / effect Native American attacks
  9. The House of Burgesses controled what?
    • Fiances
    • Militia
    • Etc...
  10. Council appointed by royal gov were?
    • Planters
    • House of lords
  11. The House of Burgesses issue?
    High death rates ensured rapaid turnovers of members
  12. The Spanish had control over what 2 countries?
    Central & South America
  13. France founded what colony?
  14. Britain failed to colonize due to what internal conflicts?
    • King Henry broke from Roman Catholic church & lanched the Protestant Reformation
    • Britain became Protestant & rivarly with Catholic Spain intensified
  15. Virginia Company
    A joint-stock company: based in Virginia founded to find gold and a water way to the Indies: confirmed all Englishmen that they would have the same life in the New World, as they had in England, with the same rights: 3 of their ships transported the people that would found Jamestown in 1607.
  16. Iroquois Confederacy
    The Iroquois Confederacy was nearly a military power.
  17. Squatter
    A person who settles on land without title or right.
  18. Primogeniture
    A system of inheritance in which the eldest son in a family received all of his father's land.
  19. Indentured Servitude
    Englishmen who were outcasts of their country, would work in the Americas for a certain amount of time as servants.
  20. Act of Toleration
    A legal document that allowed all Christian religions in Maryland: protected the Catholics religion from Protestant rage of sharing the land:
  21. Slave Codes
    It denied slaves basic fundamental rights, and gave their owners permission to treat them as they saw fit.
  22. Proprietor
    a person who was granted charters of ownership by the king
  23. Royal Charter
    • A document given to the founders of a colony by the monarch that allows special privileges and establishes a general relationship of one of three types:
    • (1) Royal- direct rule of colony by monarch
    • (2) Corporate- Colony is run by a joint-stock company
    • (3) Proprietary- colony is under rule of someone chosen by the monarch. Royal Charters guaranteed that colonists would have "rights as all Englishmen".
  24. Why did the spanish sought for revenge?
    Francis Drake pirated Spanish ships for gold & Elizabeth I si
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