303 - Medical Terminology New

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  1. The prefix "ot/o" and the word otalgia
    Ear, earpain
  2. The prefix "pepsia" and the word dyspepsia
    Digestion, upset stomach/indigestion
  3. Palliative
    End-life care to relieve suffering patients are experiencing
  4. Pharmacology
    Study involving the actions drugs do on the body and the actions the body does on drugs
  5. Photosensitivity
    Being more prone to sunburn because of a certain medication you are taking
  6. Placebo
    An ineffective treatment given to a patient to deceive the patient in thinking they are receiving effective treatment
  7. Precaution
    A measure taken in advance to help prevent something dangerous from occurring
  8. Prognosis
    Prediction of the outcome of a disease
  9. Potency
    Measure of the activity of a drug (more potent, stronger the drug)
  10. Pruritis
    Itchy skin
  11. Pharmacare
    Drug insurance provided to all BC residents from the BC government
  12. Pharmanet
    BC-wide database containing the medications a citizen of BC is taking/has taken, as well as other relevant health information in concern for that patient
  13. Palpitation
    Abnormal heartbeat (too fast, too slow, skipping beats)
  14. Prophylactic
    Preventative treatment
  15. The prefix "rhin"
  16. Rhinitis
    Inflammation of the airways in the nose, often seasonal due to allergies and results in a runny/stuffy nose
  17. Syncope
    Loss of consciousness
  18. Sublingual
    Dosage form taken by placing the medication underneath the tongue
  19. Subcutaneous
    Injection dosage form injected into fat tissue
  20. Sedation
    Drowsiness, fatigue, sleepiness
  21. Systemic
    Drug that enters the body's entire blood stream
  22. Tachycardia
    Faster than normal heartbeat
  23. Tachypnea
    Faster than normal breathing rate
  24. Tinnitus
    Sounds heard in the ear when no external sound source is present
  25. Transdermal
    Dosage form that describes a drug entering through the skin (often via a skin patch)
  26. Vertigo
    Dizziness associated with the feeling of motion when one is actually stationary
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