Gross anatomy

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  1. Explain the two ways to measure lumbar sacral angle?
    • Lumber sacral angle or sacral base angle or ferguson's angle– is classified differently in different text. It is the angle at which the top of the sacrum points in relation to horizontal tends to be about 41 degrees on average. The flatter the sacral top is the less slippage there will be and the less back pain. Women can have problems due to pregnancy with this angle due to bulging bellies , extra weight and lax ligaments caused
    • by hormones.

    Lumbar sacral angle - Alternate way to calculate lumber sacral angle –you create a line through the lumbar vertebrea and aligned through the sacrum and this line creates the angle. So they look at the angle between the lumbar and the sacrum
  2. What is the average lumbar sacral angle, using the more standard method?
    41 degrees
  3. Explain what posterior, anterior and neutral pelvic tilt are?
    Posterior pelvic tilt is when the ASIS's are posterior to the pubic symphsis or pubic tubercle. When there in line with the pubic tubercle they are neutral and when the ASIS is anterior to the pubic tubercle this is anterior tilt.
  4. Does anterior or posterior pelvic tilt create greater lordosis of the lumbar spine?
    Anterior pelvic tilt creates greater lordosis of the lumbar spine.
  5. What way would the knee go in or out if you hav alot of coxa valgus?
    coxa valgus - would you make you bow legged, because the knee would be pushed in makiing the femur stick out.
  6. What is Femoral anteversion / retroversion?
    This is the angle that the head and neck of the femur make with regards to a table or imagiary plane that the femur is set upon. IF this angle is greater or less the 15 degrees you have anteversion or retroversion.

    Anteversion means rotated forwards (towards the front of the body)

    Retroversion means rotated backwards (towards the back of the body)
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