Industrial Insurance

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  1. What type of relationship must exist?
    An employer-employee relationship.
  2. An employee must have sustained an IA within . . . ?
    The course of employment.
  3. What does acting in the course of employment mean?
    the worker at his employer's direction or in the furtherance of his or her employer's business which shall include time spent going to and from work on the jobsite insofar as such time is immediate to the actual time that the worker engaged in the work process in areas controlled by his employer except parking areas.
  4. What is it called when coverage extends to workers injured outside the state?
    Extraterritorial coverage.
  5. What is an industrial injury?
    A sudden and tangible happening of a traumatic nature producing an immediate or prompt result, and occurring from without, and such physical conditions as a result therefrom.
  6. What happens with an intentional injury?
    Where an employer intentionally causes an injury, the employee will receive worker's compensation benefits plus have a cause of action as if the Act had not been enacted.
  7. What is an occupational disease?
    Such disease or infection as arises naturally and proximately out of the distinctive conditions of employment. Claims based on mental conditions based on stress are noncompensable.
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