GRE Words 1

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  1. Imbroglio (im-BROE-glee-oh)
    • (n) confused mass
    • intricate or complicated situation
    • acutely painful or embarrassing misunderstanding
    • scandal
  2. veracity
    (n) truthfulness
  3. acumen (AK-yoo-men)
    keen insight, smarts discernment (n)
  4. pungent
    adj sharply painful

    having a stiff and sharp point

    nippy, sharp, strong, tangy
  5. emporium
    a big store sellinga variety of goods (n)
  6. jibe
    To shift sudenly and forcibly from one side to the other -- use of a fore-and-aft sail

    accord, agree, answer, chord, cohere, coincie, comport, conform, consist, correspond, dovetail, fit, go, harmonize, check, rhyme, sort, square, tally
  7. pliant
    easily bent, supple

    open to influence (adj)
  8. pugnacious
    (adj) having a quarrelsome or combative nature, belligerent
  9. undulate (UHN-dyoo-layt)
    (v) to move back and forth, like a wave, fluctuate
  10. musty MUHS-tee
    stale or moldy smelling mildew (adj)
  11. quotidian (kwoe-TIH-dee-in
    (adj) recurring daily
  12. extrapolate
    (v) to extend, expand, or predict from a known fact

    commonplace, ordinary
  13. stymie stye-mee
    (v) to block, hinder
  14. tenuous
    (adj) delicate weak easily broken
  15. florid

    Covered with flowers, very flowery in style, : ornate

    flushed, rosy-cheeked, healthy

    marked by emotional or sexual fervor
  16. odious
    deserving or causing of hatred, hateful
  17. veneer
    thin sheet of a material as a layer of wood or superior value or excellent grain to be glued to an inferior wood

  18. incontrovertible
  19. indisputable, not open to question
  20. androgynous
    having both masculine and feminine characteristics; having an ambigious gender identity
  21. elucidate
    to clear up, clarity
  22. finagle
    to get by trickery or clever manipulation
  23. disabuse
    v. to free from error, fallacy, or misconception

  24. stymie
  25. to block, hinder
  26. felicticious
    well-suited for the occasion, apt; producing joy; fit
  27. inchoate
    incomplete, not yet fully formered, unclear


    "misty inchoate suspicions that all is not well with the nation."

    inchoately v

    inchoateness n
  28. astral
    having to do with stars
  29. pliant
    easily bent, supple

    open to influence
  30. bereft
  31. mired
    bogged down, stuck
  32. debonair
    charming in a sophisticated way
  33. gilt
    covered in gold
  34. effusive
    gushing, overly demonstrating
  35. pugnacious
  36. striated
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