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  1. What type of sugical procedures would a general dentist most commonly perform?
    single extractions
  2. How can a dental assistant further his or her career as a surgical assistant?
    obtain continuing education in oral and maxillofacial surgery
  3. In what type of etting are oral surgery procedures completed?
    • dental office
    • outpatient clinic
    • hospital
  4. Most oral and maxillofacial surgeries are considered
    minor surgery
  5. What does the periosteal elevator reflect and retract?
  6. Universal forceps are designed to be used for
    left or right of same arch
  7. What surgical instrument resembles a spoon excavator?
    surgical curette
  8. What surgical instrument is used to trim and shape bone?
  9. When the chisel is placed in the tray setup, what additional surgical instrument must be set out?
  10. What equipment is used to perform a surgical scrub?
    • orange stick
    • antimicrobial soap
    • scrub brush
  11. The term donning means
    putting on
  12. What procedure is commonly performed by the surgeon directly after removal of multiple teeth adjacent to one another?
    • sutures
    • alveoplasty
  13. When a tooth is directly under gingival tissue, it is said to be
    soft tissue impacted
  14. What type of biopsy is completed when the surface lession is scraped to obtain cells?
    exfoliative biopsy
  15. The term suture refers to
  16. Which is an absorbable suture material?
  17. What is the approximate time frame for removing nonabsorbable sutures?
    5 to 7 days
  18. How long should a pressure pack remain on the surgical site to control bleeding?
    30 minutes
  19. What analgesic may be prescribed for swelling?
  20. What should a patient use to control swelling?
    cold pack
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