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  1. What is the statute of limitations for filing WC claims?
    One year of the date of injury. Two years of being informed by a physician, in writing, that a worker's disease/condition is caused, at least in part, by his employment.
  2. Can injured workers choose their own attending physician?
  3. What benefits are available for injured workers?
    Medical benefits, wage replacement benefits, permanent partial disability, permanent total disability, vocational rehabilitation.
  4. Limited medical treatment is allowed until?
    a condition is fixed and stable (maximum medical improvement).
  5. Treatment requested must be . . .
    curative; palliative treatment (treatment to temporarily relieve symptoms) is not allowed once a condition is fixed and stable.
  6. Injured workers, if they are prevented from working for more than three days following their injury or onset of an occupational disease, are generally eligible for . . .
    time loss compensation also known total temporary disability.
  7. If an injured worker, can return to some employment while his claim is open, and the wages are more than 5% less than the wages at the time of the injury, . . .
    loss of earning power benefits should be paid.
  8. Loss of earning power benefits are only available . . .
    while the claim is open
  9. At claim closure, an injured worker may receive an award for a . . . (loss of function) of the affected area.
    permanent partial disability.
  10. If a worker is not able to return to his job, or any other reasonably continuous, gainful employment (at any salary or skill level), he or she may be found . . .
    permanently and totally disabled.
  11. Are pain and suffering awards available?
  12. An injured worker, or the employer, has the right to appeal or protest any order within . . .
    sixty days of the datethat the order was communicated to the worker/employer.
  13. Attorney fees may not exceed . . .
    30% of benefits obtained
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