AED Art History

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  1. Two forms of Art History Education appripriate for the classroom?
    Replicative and Generative
  2. Replicative Art History
    Rediscovery of accepted knowledge
  3. Generative Art History
    Inquiry that's never been understaken before
  4. Two Replicative classroom activities
    Comparing/Contrasting artworks by stylistic characteristics

    Sorting artworks by movements
  5. Educational Perks of Generative Art History Education
    -Individual thinking and disagreement are important to art historians

    -Promotes higher order thinking skills

    -Increases student motivation
  6. What are the 3 Types of Inquiry an Art Historian engages in
    establishing facts, interpreting meaning, and accounting for change.
  7. Establishing Facts
    How art was made, what subjects are depicted, how the work is formally organized, who made the work, for whom, when, and where. And artwork either is or isn’t.
  8. 3 Subcategories of Establishing Fact
    Imagined restoration, description, and attribution.
  9. Imagined Restoration
    How the pices looked when first produced
  10. Description
    Examining findings after examining work in great detail
  11. Attribution
    Process of examining evidence in and outsidethe work that leads to a conclusion about who produced when, for whom, when,and where.
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