German Present Tense

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  1. ich
  2. du
  3. Sie
  4. er/es/sie
  5. wir
  6. ihr
  7. if stem ends in -m or -n and is proceeded by a consonant other than h, l, m, n, or r

    if stem ends in -d or -t
    -e is inserted in the du, er, sie, es, ihr forms

    exception: if h is part of a ch, sch, or th cluster the extra e is still addedif strong verb does not have a stem vowel change
  8. if stem ends in -s, -ß, -x, or -z
    du only adds -t
  9. if tem ends in -ie
    no extra -e added in ich, sie, or wir forms
  10. if stem ends in -el or -er
    ending in Sie, sie and wir forms is just -n
  11. if stem ends in -el
    the e of the stem is optional in the ich form
  12. if strong verb stem ends in -t
    do not add extra -t to er, es, sie forms
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German Present Tense for regular weak verbs
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