Chemistry Acids and Bases

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  1. Reconisting Bases
    Names of Bases end in Hydroxide
  2. Acids
    Have sour taste; form acid solutions; release hydrogen ions when desolved in water; turns litmus red and universal indicator from red to yellow
  3. Bases
    Neutralise acid solutions; have soapy feel and bitter taste;turn litmus blue and univeral indicator from blue to violet
  4. Alkali
    water soluble base
  5. pH scale
    Measures the acidity or basic-ness of a substance. It is a scale that ranges from 0-14 with 0 being a stronger acid and 14 being a strong base and 7 being a neutral substance
  6. Reactions with acid and metals/metal compounds
    meatal salts
    most reactions form metal salts to write the name of a metal salt we take the metal used then add the modified name of the acid used, eg when HCl is used we get a metal chloride, when Nitric acid is used we get a metal nitrate, when sulphuric acid is used we get metal sulphate, and when ethanoic acid is used we get metal ethanoate
  7. Metal + oxygen =
    metal oxide
  8. Metals + Water
    = Metal hydroxide + Hydrogen gas
  9. Metals + Acids
    = metal salt + hydrogen gas
  10. Metal hydroxide/Metal Oxide + acid
    (neutralisation reaction)
    Metal salt + water
  11. Metal Carbonate + Acid
    = Metal salt + Carbon dioxide + water
  12. reactivity of metals
    • Most Reactive - Potassium, Sodium Lithium, Calcium, Magnesium, Aluminium, Zinc, Iron, Hygrogen, Lead, Copper, Silver - Least reactive
    • Elements after Hydrogen are very slow in reacting and Hydrogen doesnt react at all

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