Images of the church, Marks of the Church, Acts of the Apostles, Nicene Creed

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  1. The __ can be better understood when it is explained using images like:
    • Church
    • Sacrament
    • Body of Christ
    • Herald
    • People of God
    • Temple of the Holy Spirit
    • Servant
  2. Through these images, what are we able to see more clearly?
    We are able to see more clearly the many roles that the Catholic CHurch plays in the lives of its followers and in the world as a whole
  3. Explain the:
    Church as a Sacrament
    Jesus works through sacraments to make his presence known and felt on Earth
  4. Explain the:
    Church as the People of God
    Through Jesus, we share in the covenant that God made with the Israelites. (I will be your God and you will be my people) We, too, are God's people
  5. Explain the:
    Church as the Body of Christ
    The Church can be understood as a body- with Jesus as the Head. We each have a role to play in the work of the Church
  6. Explain the:
    Church as the Temple of the Holy Spirit
    We believe that the Holy Spirit lives in and works through the Church and its members. This makes the Church unique.
  7. Explain the:
    Church as a Herald
    • A Herald announces important information to those who need to hear it
    • "Preach the Gospel at all times and, when necessary, use words."- St. Francis of Assisi
  8. Explain the:
    Church as a Servant
    • Because Jesus is our role model, we know that we are called to serve the needs of others in whatever ways we can
    • ***This is not an optional part of being Christian--it is at the heart of what it is to be a Christian***
  9. Marks of the Church (__)
    When we pray the _, we say that "We believe in __ __ __ and __ Church."
    • what the Church is
    • one, holy, catholic, apostolic
  10. **What are special qualities that make the Church unique**
    The Church is one, holy, catolic and apostolic
  11. What do they mean:
    Saying that the Church is 'one' refers to the UNITY of the Church-believers all around the word are united in their faith in Jesus. THe Church is basically te same all over the world
  12. What do they mean:
    Even though the Curch is made up of human beings who are naturally sinful, the Church is HOLY because of the presence of the Holy Spirit
  13. What do they mean:
    The word 'catholic' means 'universal.' The Church is UNIVERSAL in many ways, including the fact that it is welcoming to all people
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