Acts of the Apostles Stories

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  1. Jesus's Ascension
    • Jesus was raised up after his 40 days on Earth.
    • Two angels are beside him and tell the apostles He will return exactly as he left.
    • He rose up in a cloud and the angels told them to go back to Jerusalem.
    • The disciples thought they were going up there to finally see the Kingdom of God. THey thought Jesus was going to begin a political reign.
    • But instead, He said he will send the Holy Spirit and they'll tell the world about Jesus.
  2. Pentecost
    • The apostles were hiding in a room when the Holy Spirit came to them as tongues of fire and the sound of a great wind.
    • They were able to speak to different languages and communicate with people they wouldn't have been able to before.
    • This gave them courage to gou out and speak about Jesus. Peter talks about the Second Coming and baptizes many people who convert to the COmmunal Life.
  3. The Martyrdom of Stepen (first martyr)
    • Stephen was preahing and the Sadduccess, angered at his words, convinced the people to accuse him of blashpemy.
    • He was found guilty, although he was not.
    • Stephen reprimanded their actions, which angered them. They ran him out of town and stoned him.
  4. Saul's Conversion
    • Saul hated and persecuted Christians, until Jesus knocked Saul down asked Saul, "Why are you persecuting me?"
    • The Lord blinded him for three days and sent Ananias to nurse him back to help, eventually gaining his sight back and being baptized.
    • He preached but some people were scared, while others tried to kill him. THey did accept him.
    • So, he went out to the Gentiles and was successful with them.
  5. The Council of Jerusalem
    • When they were converted, Gentile topic came up over whether they should be circumcised like the Convenant made with the Jews said. THe Jews said yes if you want to follow Jesus.
    • Question addressed: Do you have to become Jewish to follow Jesus.
    • They decided no. Peter said Jesus came for everyone.
    • Paul and Barnabas said Jesus is with everyone.
    • THis decision caused big separation of Judaism and Christianity
  6. Recount the first five chapters.
    • 1) The Ascension
    • 2) Pentecost
    • 3) The Crippled Beggar: Beggar asks for alms. They don't have any, but what they do have, they give to him in the name of God. He walks. People amazed. Peter asks why are they amazed. He didn't do that. His faith and God did. They handed him over out of ignorance. Repent, for Moses and the prophets say he will return.
    • 4) Peter and John are preaching when the Sanhedrin arrests them. They ask questions and discover that they know Jesus. THey jail them. But released the next day because the people were talking about the miracle.
    • 5) Ananias and wife are selling property to donate money to Church. They stash a few and when caught, lie and therefore drop dead. The apostles are healing deaf people and are imprisoned. But the angels let them go.
  7. Recount Chapters 6- 10.
    • 6) Stephen
    • 7) The Jews don't understand who Jesus was. Stephen calls them out on their ignorance and says they don't interpret the law correctly. They kill him and he asks God to forgive them.
    • 8) Simon knows a magician who people believe have God's power. meanwhile, the Church is growing as Philip is baptizing people and they are being added to the Church.
    • 9) Saul
    • 10) Cornelius has a vision saying to summon Peter. Peter tells the Gentiles that God does not favor the Jews. He loves everyone.
  8. Recount Chapters 11- 15.
    • 11) Peter has a vision: Do not proclaim unclean what I say is clean. (God is very much involved.) Gentile coverts to Christianity are freed from Jewish restrictions. They can eat whatever. When they receive the HS, they understand why they do not have to be circumcised. This causes bigger split in Judaism and Christianity.
    • 12) Peter and James are imprisoned by Herod. James is martyred. The angels free Peter and kill the guards.
    • 13) Paul converts a magician who was falsely preaching about God. At this point, they are converting both Gentiles and Jews.
    • 14) Barnabas and Paul are stoned in Iconia. They begin to appoint presbyters. This is the first time we see leadership other than the apostles.
    • 15) Council of Jerusalem/ Barnabas wants to take John. Paul doesn't want to take someone who betrayed them. So they separate. And the CHurch spreads farther. Paul strengthens the Church.
  9. Recount Chapters 16-20.
    • 16) Paul and Timothy traveled and the Church grew stronger. Although imprisoned and opposed, many people begin to believe.
    • 17) Paul condemns idolatry. Paul and Silias try to convert the Jews but they don't care. They try to bring them back to Christianity, but it does not work.
    • 18) Paul is rejected in Corinth. He goes to Gentiles. When jailed, Gallio does not judge him because it is his faith. Priscilla and Aquila, realizing Paul is uneducated about God, teach him and Aquila helps him understand how Jesus is the Messiah.
    • 19) Statues are down because belief in Jesus is raising. Word spreads to Asia. Jesus' name is held in high esteem.
    • 20) Paul restores a man's life and decides he wants to go back to Jerusalem, despite the trouble he may face there.
  10. Recount Chapters 21-25.
    • 21) The disciples tell Paul not to go to Jerusalem. He is run out of town, by everyone, including women and children. He is jailed, travels some more, and is jailed again.
    • 22) Paul goes to Rome and tells them he was sent toconvert the Gentiles. They send him to be flogged. But when he reveals he is a Roman Citizen, they are taken aback and release him.
    • 23) Paul shows devotion and the Sanhedrin strikes him for it. However, this devotion causes division of Sanhedrin into non believing Sadduccees and believing Pharisees. The Jews want to kill him, but the commanders rescue him and send him to Philip, where he is protected.
    • 24) -
    • 25) Jews try to bring charges on Paul whose in jail. Jews want to bring Paul back to Jerusalem to kill him.
  11. Recount Chapters 26-28.
    • 26) Paul explains how he lived as a Pharisee. They say he is 'mad'. He defends himself by recounting story of conversion and King Agrippa says he did nothing wrong.
    • 27) Paul foreshadows storm. Noone listens. Storm comes. Reach land on 14th day.
    • 28) Reach island where there are nice natives. Paul is bit by a snake and accused of being a criminal; when nothing happens, they say he is God. He converts and performs miracles for them. He then preaches to Jews. Some believe. Some don't. He returns to Rome.
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