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  1. What does the Minimum Essential Subsystem List (MESL) on a specific unit's aircraft list?
    The minimum essential systems and subsystems tht must work on an aircraft for it to perform specifically assigned unit wartime, training, test or other missions.
  2. What column on the Minimum Essential Subsystem List (MESL) lists a unit's specifically assigned wartime, training, and test missions and the systems and subsystems that must work for a unit to accomplish those missions?
    The Basic Systems List (BSL)
  3. What column on the Minimum Essential Subsystem List (MESL) lists all systems and subsystems needed for full mission performance?
    Full Systems List (FSL)
  4. Who is responsible for developing the Minimum Essential Subsystem List (MESL) for a particular airframe?
    Each Major Command (MAJCOM)
  5. If an aircraft is determined to be safe for flight but can't perform any of the unit's specifically assigned missions, what status world the aircraft be reported as?
    Not Mission Capable Airworthy
  6. What units are required to be registered in Status of Resources and Training System (SORTS)?
    All units with a USAF Personnal Accounting Symbol (PAS)
  7. As far as unit readiness, what does Status of Resources and Training System (SORTS) indicate abot a particular unit?
    It indicates a unit's ability to undertake its full mission as charged in its Primary, and if applicable, its Secondary, Designed Operational Capability (DOC) statemant.
  8. What is a fundamental premise of Status of Resources and Training System (SORTS) reporting?
    Integrity- Commanders must tell it like it is.
  9. What are the four primary areas reported on in Status of Resources and Training System (SORTS)?
    Manning levels, equipment and supply levels, equpment condition, and training.
  10. On a toutine basis, how often must units report Status of Resources and Training System (SORTS) data?
    Every 30 days.
  11. What C-level would be reported if a unit possesses the required resources and is trained to undertake the full wartime mission(s) for which it is organzed or designed?
  12. One of the goals of ART is to report a UTC's current and future ability to fulfill its Mission Capability Statement, how far in the future does the reporting tool consider?
    Six months
  13. In support of the AEF, who is responible for ensuring equral rotational cycles at the unit level?
    Squardon/unit Commanders
  14. What is the primary responsibility for members As it Pertains to the AEF and ART reporting?
    They must ensure that they are trained and ready for deployment.

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