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CMI midterm
2011-10-23 13:22:19
CMI midterm

Midterm CMI
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  1. Moral Instinct
    Psychological State that can be turned on and off. (moralization)
  2. Principles
    General normative standard of conduct; obligation (should), duty, commandment laws. Principles exist in three ways 1) agreed upon by a whole group 2) grounded in human nature (natural law) 3 Devine commandment theory
  3. Consequences
    Weighing of or choosing amoung valued ends.
  4. Virtue/Character
    a habit to act act ina certian way that society deems noble or good (nobility, civility)
  5. Moral Sentiment
    Moral Judgment based on feelings
  6. Age Cohort
    • 1) Child - Authority Figure (impulse)
    • 2) adolesent/peer - what others think and say
    • 3) Adult - Society, Self
  7. Kohlbergs Theory of Moral Development
    People will move to a higher stage when the lower stage is inadaquate.
  8. Kohlbergs 6 Stages of moral development
    • 1) Punishment and Obediance - the motivation is to avoid pain
    • 2) Satisfying ones needs - Egocentric
    • 3) Nice Girl/Good Boy orientation- seeks outside approval
    • 4) Law and Order - Maintain the rules, do ones duty
    • 5) Social Contract - do whats best for society or "the common good"
    • 6) Universal Ethical Principle - follow conscience
  9. What is the Criticism of kohlbergs theory?
    He only studied boys
  10. Gilligans theory
    Woman base decisions on relationships (3 stages)
  11. what are the 3 stages of Gilligans Theory?
    • 1) Ego-Centric - Focuses on "my" needs
    • 2) Self-Sacrificing - other centered focuses on "your" needs
    • 3) Mature Care Ethics - Balancing "my" needs and "yours"