body systems

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  1. abrasion
  2. alopecia
    hair loss
  3. epilation
    hair loss
  4. Tx of up to 3000cGy typically means hair loss is _____________?
    • temporary
    • seen in patients when the brain treated for mets
  5. hair loss is most likely permenant if the area is treated with ______cGy and up
    • 4000
    • seen in patients when the brain is the primary treatment area
  6. 2 most common integumentary side effects seen in XRT
    alopecia/epilation & erythema
  7. cellulitis
    • overwhelming cellular infection
    • stemic appearance
    • typical in the extremities
  8. cyst
    • fluid filled sac
    • an area showing up on a mammogram is either a tumor or a cyst; needs to be further evaluated to determine if benign or malignant
    • ultrasound guided biopsy; determine exact location, and needle aspiration for biopsy
  9. masses on mammograms with uneven borders, very tall, and appear if a black light is emerging during ultrasound are......
    probably a malignancy
  10. masses on mammograms with even borders, very wide, and look as if a flashlight is coming out of it during ultrasound means....its
    probably a cyst
  11. ecchymosis
    bruise measuring about 3mm
  12. hematoma
    • large bruise measuring in cm
    • gathering of blood
  13. petechiae
    • bruises (smallest in measurement)
    • pinpoint, dot hemorrhages
    • side effect of XRT; result of a change in blood flow from bv's dilating/constricting
  14. contusion
    • bruise
    • typically within the cranial vault
    • often caused by a shift within the brain
  15. fissure
    • deep groove (within the skin)
    • seen in some skin tumors
  16. laceration
  17. papule
    elevated appearance similar to a pimple or a pustule (holding/containing pus)
  18. vescicle
    • blister
    • something containing serous fluid
  19. epidermis cell type
    • basal cells - stem cells
    • very radiosensitive; respond readily to Tx, also heal/recover readily from Tx
  20. dermis
    • structure and support
    • superficial to the basement membrane
    • anything within the epidermis and dermis (above the basement membrane) = T(is) in situ
  21. kerat/o
    scaly and rough with a yellowish hue
  22. myc/o
  23. scler/o
  24. pil/o and trich/o
  25. onych/o
    nail; of finger or toe
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