Procainamide Pronestyl

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  1. Procainamide Pronestyl Class
    class 1-A antiarrhythmic
  2. Procainamide Pronestyl Action
    • 1. supresses phase 4 depolarization in normal ventricular muscle and purkinje fibers, reducing the automaticity of ectopic pacemakers bt decreasing sodium influx.
    • 2. supresses reentry of dysrhythmias by slowing intraventricular conduction .
  3. Procainamide Pronestyl Use
    • 1. PVCs when refractory to lidocaine
    • 2. ventricular tachycardia with pulse when refractory to lidocaine
    • 3. PSVT's wide complex tach of unknown origin (drug of choice when associated w/ WPW)
  4. Procainamide Pronestyl Contraindications
    high degree heart blocks, PVCs in conjuction w/ brady, QT prolongation, torsade de pointes, digitalis toxicity, TCA induced arrhythmia
  5. Procainamide Pronestyl Side effects
    • CNS- cns depression, hallucinations, seizures
    • CARDIO- asystole, brady, ectopics, hypotension, heart blocks, reflex tach, v-fib, v-tach, wide QRS complex
    • GASTRO- n/v
    • OTHER- fever
  6. Procainamide Pronestyl special notes
    too rapid admin increases the probability of severe hypotension or life threating arrhythmias
  7. Procainamide Pronestyl preparations
    1 g/ 10ml vial
  8. Procainamide Pronestyl Adult dose
    • 20mg/min until the arrhythmia is abolished, hypotension ensures, the QRS widens by 50% of it's original width, or a total of 1g or 17mg/kg has been given
    • Maintenance infusion: mix 1g in 250ml to yeild 4mg/ml run @ 1-4 mg/min
  9. Procainamide Pronestyl Pedi dose
    • 2-6mg/kg @ 20mg/min until you see any of the four qualifiers as seen in the adult
    • Maintenance infusion: mix 100mg in 250ml to yeild 400ug/ml run @ 20-80 ug/min
  10. Procainamide Pronestyl Route
    IVP, IV infusion
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