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  1. RED tube
    no additives. The blood clots & the serum in separated by centrifugation.
  2. GOLD tube
    no additives. SST-(Serum Separator Tube). Contains gel to separate the blood from serum when centrifuged.
  3. LIGHT GREEN tube additives-
    Lithium Heparin. PST-(Plasma Separating Tube). Contains anticoagulates with lithium heparin. Plasma is separated with the PST gel. CHEMISTRIES & electrolyte studies
  4. LAVENDER tube additives-
    EDTA. (CBC) Forms calcuim salts to remove calcium. Used in Hemotology. Needs FULL DRAW!!! INVERT 8 TIMES!!!
  5. LIGHT BLUE tube additives-
    Sodium Citrate. Coagulation. Forms calcium salts to remove calcium. FULL DRAW!!!
  6. DARK GREEN tube additives-
    Sodium Heparin or Lithium Heparin. Inactivates thrombin & thromboplastin.
  7. DARK BLUE tube additives-
    EDTA. Designed to contain no contaminating metals. Trace element testing.
  8. LIGHT GREY tube additives-
    Sodium Fluoride & Potassium Oxalate. GLUCOSE & ALCOHOL tests. Antiglycolytic agent that preserves glucose for up to 5 days. FULL DRAW!!!
  9. YELLOW tube additives-
    ACD-(acid citrate dextrose). Complement inactivation. Paternity, DNA, & tissue testing.
  10. YELLOW-BLACK tube additive-
    Broth mixture. Preserves viability of microorganisms
  11. BLACK tube additive-
    Sodium Citrate (buffered). Forms calcium salts to remove calcium
  12. ORANGE tube additives-
    Thrombin. Quickly clots blood. STAT serum Chemistries.
  13. LIGHT BROWN tube additives-
    Sodium Heparin. Inactivates thrombin & thromboplastin
  14. PINK tube additive-
    Potassium EDTA. Forms calcium salts
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