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  1. what s the primary duty of the sergeants serving in king gustavus army?
    To maintain dicipline among the troops.
  2. what point in historty did the NCO achieve command level status?
    After the revoluntionary war, when the regular army was created.
  3. what was the role of the NCO prior to ww1?
    NCO served as an interface between the enlisted corps and officers. To maintain disipline
  4. What impact did the rapid expansion of the military services during ww2 have on the status of the NCO?
    The entire NCO corps experineced a general erosion of its long standing prestige and authority.
  5. what event was the first attempt to restore diginity and prestige to the NCO corps following ww2?
    The usaf restricted its non-commisioned officer status to the top 3 grades, an receievd nomenclature of its lowest grades.
  6. Why was the pay grades of e8-e9 created?
    To provide a better delination of responsibility. in the enlisted structure. An also the needed monetary recognintion for the jobs perfomed by those grades
  7. What was the signifgance of the chevron in the late 1700s?
    french soldiers started wearing cloth chevrons with the points up on their coat sleeves in 1777 as lenght of service and good conduct badges.
  8. What are the resposibilties of the chief master sergeant of the airforce?
    Is a representitive of the airman force when and where this is appropriate an will serve as a sounding board for ideas and proposals affecting ariman.
  9. What are the general areas of responsibilty of the first segearnt?
    • 1. Promoting health
    • 2. morale
    • 3. welfare
    • 4. maintaining disipline and standards
    • 5. preparing an presenting squadron training an info programs
  10. Corporal Vernon L burge..?
    The 1st enlisted pilot(us signal corps) served on the army's first and only dirigible.
  11. Corporal Frank S. Scott.....?
    1st enlisted man to loose his life in an air accident. Scott airforce base is the only base named for an enlisted person.
  12. Private Frederick libby
    the first enlistd ace , shot down 10 planes as an observer and 14 more as a pilot.
  13. Corporal eugene bullard
    the first black pilot and fighter pilot
  14. Esther m. Blake
    the distinction of being the first woman in the usaf.
  15. AIC Jhon levitow
    The first enlisted member and the lowest ranking airman in history to earn the congressional medal of honor.
  16. CMSGT Grace Peterson
    The first woman to be promoted to the hghest non-commisioned officer grade.
  17. Define ...Tradition
    The handing down of info,beliefs and customs by word of outh or example from one generation to another.
  18. Why is tradition important in the usaf?
    helps build espirit of the corps and disipline.
  19. What is the difference between customs and courtesies?
    • Customs=are a result of the need for order and disipline an been established by frequent use over time.
    • Courtesies= marks of respect,etiquette,or courteous behavior shown to person or symbols
  20. What is the siginifigance of the salute?
    greeting and symbol of mutual respect among comrades in the honorable professoin of arms.
  21. Why is it important to use porper term of address?
    A corteous way to address people.
  22. The benifits of practicing customs and courtesies?
    self dicipline and pride
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