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  1. what s the primary duty of the sergeants serving in king gustavus army?
    To maintain dicipline among the troops.
  2. what point in historty did the NCO achieve command level status?
    After the revoluntionary war, when the regular army was created.
  3. what was the role of the NCO prior to ww1?
    NCO served as an interface between the enlisted corps and officers. To maintain disipline
  4. What impact did the rapid expansion of the military services during ww2 have on the status of the NCO?
    The entire NCO corps experineced a general erosion of its long standing prestige and authority.
  5. what event was the first attempt to restore diginity and prestige to the NCO corps following ww2?
    The usaf restricted its non-commisioned officer status to the top 3 grades, an receievd nomenclature of its lowest grades.
  6. Why was the pay grades of e8-e9 created?
    To provide a better delination of responsibility. in the enlisted structure. An also the needed monetary recognintion for the jobs perfomed by those grades
  7. What was the signifgance of the chevron in the late 1700s?
    french soldiers started wearing cloth chevrons with the points up on their coat sleeves in 1777 as lenght of service and good conduct badges.
  8. What are the resposibilties of the chief master sergeant of the airforce?
    Is a representitive of the airman force when and where this is appropriate an will serve as a sounding board for ideas and proposals affecting ariman.
  9. What are the general areas of responsibilty of the first segearnt?
    • 1. Promoting health
    • 2. morale
    • 3. welfare
    • 4. maintaining disipline and standards
    • 5. preparing an presenting squadron training an info programs
  10. Corporal Vernon L burge..?
    The 1st enlisted pilot(us signal corps) served on the army's first and only dirigible.
  11. Corporal Frank S. Scott.....?
    1st enlisted man to loose his life in an air accident. Scott airforce base is the only base named for an enlisted person.
  12. Private Frederick libby
    the first enlistd ace , shot down 10 planes as an observer and 14 more as a pilot.
  13. Corporal eugene bullard
    the first black pilot and fighter pilot
  14. Esther m. Blake
    the distinction of being the first woman in the usaf.
  15. AIC Jhon levitow
    The first enlisted member and the lowest ranking airman in history to earn the congressional medal of honor.
  16. CMSGT Grace Peterson
    The first woman to be promoted to the hghest non-commisioned officer grade.
  17. Define ...Tradition
    The handing down of info,beliefs and customs by word of outh or example from one generation to another.
  18. Why is tradition important in the usaf?
    helps build espirit of the corps and disipline.
  19. What is the difference between customs and courtesies?
    • Customs=are a result of the need for order and disipline an been established by frequent use over time.
    • Courtesies= marks of respect,etiquette,or courteous behavior shown to person or symbols
  20. What is the siginifigance of the salute?
    greeting and symbol of mutual respect among comrades in the honorable professoin of arms.
  21. Why is it important to use porper term of address?
    A corteous way to address people.
  22. The benifits of practicing customs and courtesies?
    self dicipline and pride
  23. Explain how drill enhances team work?
    reinforces the need for cooperation and precision o a day to day basis.
  24. What is the difference between "dining-in" and "dining-out"?
    dining in is the same ceremony as dining out , but dining out allows non-military guest to be invited.
  25. What role does ceremonies play in the armed forces?
    to honor distingushed persons or to observe natl holidays.
  26. Why is it important to formally recognize individuals for meritorious service,outstanding acheivment or heroism?
    shows that we appreciate their hardwork and dedication an lend support for continued service.
  27. How does participating in flag ceremonies help develop espirt de corps?
    ceremonies inspire strong patriotic feelings
  28. What didi the flag code of 1942 do?
    The flag code specified how and when the US flag would be displayed.
  29. What does the US flag represent?
    • The US flag represents...
    • lost lives
    • cherished freedoms
    • american values
    • democratic principles
  30. What are the 2 reasons for the advent of uniforms?
    Uniforms helped distingush friend form foe, and to clothe the troops as cheaply as possible.
  31. From where did the present air force uniforms evolve?
    from that worn by the "army air corps" in the 1940s
  32. What are the 3 general purposes of dress and apperance standards?
    • Insures conformity
    • establishes standarization
    • and develop pride
  33. Who is considered the founder of the american military uniform regulations? hint(F V S)
    Frederich von Steuben
  34. What are the 4 general standards that apply to all uniforms?
    • uniforms must be---
    • 1 clean
    • 2 neat
    • 3 safe
    • 4 present military image
  35. How do the standards for the wear of the flight cap differ between men and woman?
    Hair may protrude in the front of the cap for woman only.
  36. What precautions should you take when you purchase ribbons and mounting devices?
    Make sure ribbons and mounting devices meet specified size and quality standards,and ribbons dont have a visible protective coating.
  37. What kind of jewerly is authorized for wear with the uniform?
    nomore than 3rings,a watch, and a conservative bracelet. necklaces may be worn ,but they may not be exposed at the neckline.
  38. Describe the proper length of womens service uniform skirt?
    Skirt length is between the top and the bottom of the kneecap.
  39. When is it appropriate to wear theBDU off base?
    For short convience stops at shopping malls, or local food establishments
  40. What are the 3 areas related of public opinion that can be impacted by our dress and appearance?
    • 1. public conifidence in the military
    • 2. perceived effectivness of the military
    • 3. public pride in the military
  41. Explain how dress and appearance impact your leadership abilities?
    Your effectivness will be greatly enhanced by maintaining and exceeding the standards,set the example for others.
  42. What is the result of a leader providing a positive influence for followers?
    It is easier for the leader to train subordinates on both the standards of dress and appearnace, and maintaining those standards.
  43. What types of decisions may be made by military based on preception?
    members of boards make decisionson awards and premotions based on perceptions.
  44. Define wellness?
    enjoying health and vigor of body,mind.spirit in all areas of life. it includes our social ,mental,emotional and spiritual health, as well as our phyiscal well being
  45. What 7 habits should you practice for a healthier lifestyle?
    • 1. no smoking
    • 2. exercise
    • 3. sleep7-8 hours regularly
    • 4. maintain ideal weight
    • 5. eat breakfast
    • 6. drink little or no alcohol
    • 7. no eating between meals
  46. What 3 factors of self responsiblity will help you stay with your wellness program?
    • structure
    • motivation
    • discipline
  47. Define physical fitness?
    the ability to carry out daily task with vigor and alertness without undue fatigue and ample energy to engage in leisure time.
  48. What are the 4 phases of a physical fitness training program?
    • warm-up
    • aerobic
    • cool-down
    • light weight training
  49. What are the 4 principles that affect physical conditioning?
    • overload
    • progression
    • regularity
    • specificity
  50. What are the 6 major categories of nutrients?
    • 1 carbohydrates
    • 2. protiens
    • 3. fats
    • 4. vitamins
    • 5. minerals
    • 6 .water
  51. Why should we limit saturated fats in our diet?
    Its shown to increase blood cholesterol and the risk of heart attack.
  52. Why do we not need to include cholesterol in our diet?
    our body produces all it needs.
  53. Define... obesity?
    body wieght that is 20% or more above a persons ideal weight.
  54. What is the most effective method to achieve permanent weight loss?
    decrease calorie intake and increase calorie output.
  55. what are the effects of smoking?
    • bronchitis
    • emphysema
    • high blood pressure
    • cancer of the mouth,throat &bladder
    • stomach ulcers
    • birth defects
  56. When does the mortalitty rate of an ex-smoker approach that of a person who has never smoked?
    10 years
  57. what causes stressful events to become a problem?
    the inablitiy to cope with stress
  58. what effective time management tools will help you manage stress?
    setting priorities &planning ahead
  59. What is our senior leadeships prespective on wellness?
    For every member to be ready and fit to preform anything the mission demands of us
  60. How can you be a wellness role model?
    To be out infront ,leading the way for members you supervise.
  61. How does your ability to think clearly as a supervisor impact the mission?
    An improved state of wellness enhances your ablilty to think clearly and make better decicions.
  62. How does effective stress management help us as military citizens?
    Better able to deal with stressfull situtations by 1st recognizing them and then managing our time and controlling our emotions.
  63. How does proper nutrition &weight management benefit the military citizen?
    help increase your energy level
  64. How does exercise and fitness benefit the military citizen?
    it increases your aerobic capacity, which enables youto work long hours &be ready to perform in wartime
  65. How does muscular strenght benefit the military cititzen?
    Aids you in performing manual labor in your job and also any task the airforce may ask of you
  66. What was siginfigant about the korean conflict with respect to POWs?
    there was evidence of captors trying to indoctrinate prisoners into the enemies way of thinking
  67. What situtation in some POW camps led the US to feel the need for an established set of guidelines for american military personnel taken prisoner?
    camps deterioating to any every man for himself situation, morale decayed to a vanishing point, men died for lack of leadership and disipline.
  68. Why did most POWs during the vietnam war find the Code of Conduct difficult to live by?
    The viet cong exactedcruel torture on american POWs to "persuade" them to give military info or propaganda statements
  69. What was the purpose of the change to the Code of Conduct during the Carter Administration?
    changing the wording in articleV,would allow POWs under torture to give more than name,rank,service number&date of birth without loss of honor or being placed in a moral dilemma.
  70. What was the purpose the Reagan Administration change to the code of conduct?
    All references to "man"or "men" were removed from the code,acknowledging the fact that both servie men & woman are subject to capture.
  71. Desrcribe the Code of Conduct in general terms?
    A high standard of general behavior,that moral and ethical guide,established to assist the military personnel in combat and in captivity to live up to DOD policy of survival and honor.
  72. Why should a service member not accept parole or special favors from the enemy (unless directed by the senior american POW)?
    It undermines the morale of other POWs an breaks down the chain of command and communication within a compound,and may lead to legal action following repatriation.
  73. Why is disipline imperative in a prisoner of war camp?
    Disipline is the key to camp organization, resistance ,and even survival .
  74. What should a POW do if he or she discloses unathorized information under coercion?
    Prisoners peace of mind an survival require a quick recovery of courage,dedication, and motivation to resist anew each subsequent coersion.
  75. What is integrity?
    the willingness to do what is right even when noone is looking
  76. Give the characteristic of service before self?
    • Rule following
    • respect for others
    • disipline and self control
    • and faith in the system
  77. Describe a mentor?
    a mentor is a trusted counselor or guide.
  78. Define hazing?
    to harass or persecute with meaningless or demeaning task.
  79. What are the 3 initiatives former Sec. of the USAF shelia widnall an former USAF chief of staffGen. Ronald r fogleman mention that will ensure our commitment to Environmental Safety&Occupational Health (ESOH)?
    • 1.Sustain readiness
    • 2. Be a good neighbor
    • 3. leverage our resources
  80. What can you do to be responsible for your environment?
    Start or continue to recycle
  81. What is information warfare?
    any action to deny,exploit corrupt or destroy the enemies information & its systems, while protecting against those actions & exploiting our own info operations
  82. What are the 3 objectives developed by the airforce for information warfare?
    • 1- control the information realm while protecting our info operations.
    • 2- exploit control of information to enhance force employment against the enemy
    • 3-enhance overall force effectivness by fully developing information operations.
  83. How can you think of information warfare as it directly relates to you?
    info warfare directly relates to what you do on your job. think of info warfare in the terms of attacking vulnerabilites in any info system.
  84. What is the duty of the office of public affairs?
    The duty of disseminating official airforce news
  85. What is the public affairs staff responsible for?
    responsible to the commander for managing a variety of produts an programs, keeping the base population informed on whats happening on the instullation an throughout the airforce.
  86. What capacity could you perform if you wanted to help the office of public affairs?
    you may serve as the UPAR (Unit Public Affairs)for your unit. serves as the liason between your unit and the public afairs office
  87. According to AFI-36-2906, Personal Financial Responsiblity, what will military members do?
    • 1-will pay their just financial obligations in a proper an timely manner.
    • 2- will provide adequate financial support of a spouse or child or any other relative for which the members recieves additional allowances for support.
  88. What is a financial managment program?
    program that uses a budget and credit wisely ensures debt s are properly discharged an financial plans for the future are established.
  89. What does a budget establish?
    what is needed to meet a financial obligation,to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.
  90. List the 4 steps in establishing a budget?
    • 1-indentify values
    • 2-" " income
    • 3-" " expence
    • 4-develop a budget
  91. What are the 5 rules of using a credit cards?
    • 1- use credit card for emergencies
    • 2-avoid impluse buying
    • 3- pay off the balance asap
    • 4- shop around for a low interest rate
    • 5- pay extra money to the one with the highest interst rate
  92. What are some advantages of having a checking account?
    Provides a safe place for money,helps manage funds,provides credit rating & keeps money organized
  93. What are some disadvantages of having a checking account ?
    checkbook is not properly maintained, checks can bounce resulting in overdraft fees
  94. According to Maj. Ken Artega USAFA, how much money should a person save?
    • 10% of your base pay she be put aside each month.
    • 4-6 months equivalency of a person base pay for emergencies
  95. What will happen if you die an dont have a will?
    the state will in effect write one after you die
  96. How do you demonstrate the AF core values by preparing a will?
    Service before self an respect for others by ensuring your family is provided for.
  97. What is personal readiness?
    the state of being both physically and mentally ,that prepares the person to perform the duties for which they have been trained
  98. How does a members responsibilty to care for dependants relate to his or her worldwide availabilty?
    A members responsibilty to care for legal does not relieve him or her from their responsibilty to be available for worldwide deployment.
  99. What is the AF policy on your meeting responsibitlities to dependants and the airforce?
    API-26-2908 states that all AF members must make and maintain dependant care arrangements,allowing them to be worldwide available at all times
  100. WHAT is the key to dependant care arrangements?
    advance planning
  101. How does an estate plan affect your survivors?
    You can reduce their burdens,ensure their well-being,and have your estate handled in accordance to your wishes
  102. What should you discuss with your family concerning your estate plans?
    educate your family on benefits they're entitled to an how to get casualty assistance from the airforce.
  103. What should you include in your estate plans?
    • 1-your will
    • 2- dd form 93
    • 3- records an documents
    • 4- personal affairs record
  104. What is the commanders responsibilty in the weight managment program?
    • 1-identify
    • 2-counsel
    • 3-refer for medical evaluation personnel who exceed their max allowable wieght or fat %
  105. Define Doctrine?
    statment of officially sanctioned beliefs an warfighting principals that describe an guide the proper use of air an space forces in military operations. (what we have come to understand about war,based on our experience to date
  106. Who does the AF doctrine document apply to?
    All active duty,air natl guard, AF RESERVE ,an civilian air force personnel
  107. What is AFDD1?
    Air force based doctrine1 addresses the capabilites of using AF assets in all levels of strategic,operational,an tactical,to accomplish the mission assigned by Natl Command Authorities(NCA)
  108. What are the 3 levels of air and space doctrine?
    • 1- basic
    • 2- operational
    • 3- tactical
  109. What does AFDD1 establish?
    General doctrine guidance for the application of air an space forces in operations across the full range of (MOOTW)MilitaryOperationsOtherThanWar
  110. What does basic an operational doctrine provide focus for?
    developing the mission and task that must be executed through tatical doctrine
  111. What are the 3 types of doctrine?
    • 1-Service doctrine
    • 2-Joint
    • 3-Multinational
  112. What does "Joint " doctrine describe?
    the best way to integrate and employ air and space forces with land and naval forces in military action
  113. Define Strategy?
    developing an using political,economic,phsychology and military forces as needed during peace and war,to afford the max support to policies,in order to increase the probabilities and favorable consequences of victory and to lesson the chance of defeat.
  114. What is the difference between Doctrine & Strategy?
    • Doctrine= describes how a job should be done to accomplish military goals.
    • Strategy= defines how it will be done to accomplish national critical objectives.
  115. What are the 3 fundamental truths about the nature of war?
    • 1-War is an instrument of natl policy
    • 2-War is a complex an chaotic human endeavor
    • 3-War is a clash of opposing walls
  116. Describe the employment of air and space power?
    The USAF employs air and space power globally through basic functions to achieve strategic,operations, an tatical level objectives in war and MOOTW.
  117. According to the DOD directive, the USAF is the only service directed to perform what role in defence?
    • 1-Organize
    • 2-train
    • 3-equip
    • 4- provide forces for both the conduct of prompt sustained combat operation in air and for strategic missile warfare
  118. List the functions of Air and Space power?
    • 1-Counter air
    • 2-Counter space
    • 3- Counter land
    • 4-Counter sea
    • 5-Strategic attack
    • 6-Counter info
    • 7-Command & Control
    • 8-Airlift, air-refuel,space lift,intelligence,surveillance weather services,navigation& postiioning
  119. Describe offensive counter air?
    The most effective an efficient method for achieving the appropriate degree of air superiority.
  120. Interdiction is what form of maneuver?
    air maneuver
  121. What is MOOTW?
    Military actions not associated with large scale combat operations MILITARY OPERATIONS OTHER THAN WAR
  122. Whatis the goal of MOOTW?
    To pursue us natl policy initiatives and to counter potential threats to US natl security interests
  123. List 3 types of operations that would be considerd MOOTW?
    Any of the following....strikes and raids, counter drug operations, peace operations , arms control support, show of forces
  124. Why is aerospace power essential to show of force operations?
    its often the only instrument of military power with the speed to respond globally to demaonstrate US resolve.
  125. How is war catergorized?
    War is categorized by: intensity ,duration, means employed ,or by the objective
  126. Why is air superiority a prerequisite for all others combat operations?
    we must have air superiority to provide both the freedom to attack and freedom from attack.
  127. Whats the advantage of using aerospace power to create disruption?
    disruption causes delays,disorder and confusion, and distroys unit cohesion. It makes the enemy vulnerable
  128. Specify the 3 basic levels of war?
    • Strategic
    • Operational
    • Tactical
  129. Describe the Tragic level of warfare?
    Addresses the why we fight ,the what we fight, and the why enemy fights against us
  130. Describe the operational level of warfare?
    links war tactics and strategy by establishing operational obecjetives to achieve strategic objectives
  131. Describe the tatical level of warfare?
    Deals with how the forces are employed an specifies how engagments are conducted and targets attacked.
  132. Define Maneuver?
    involves such issues as expeditionary task forces,airlift,command and control & orbital forces
  133. What are the 3 dimensions of manuever?
    • Surface
    • Air
    • Space
  134. Specify the principals of war?
    • Unity of command
    • Objective
    • Offensive
    • mass
    • Maneuver
    • Economy of force,security,surprise and simplicity
  135. Define the principles of war?
    Guidelines those commander can use to form and select a course of actions
  136. How does Air and Space power differ from Land&Sea forces?
    Air &Space involves operations in all 3 dimensions
  137. Describe Air and Space power?
    Air and Space power is considered static and rigid.
  138. Identify the 4 basic forms of command relationships?
    • Combat control
    • operational control
    • tactical control
    • Support & Administrative control
  139. List the chain of command form the Natl Command Authority downward?
    • Natl Command Authority
    • Secretary of the airforce
    • Chief of Staff of the USAF
    • Major commands
    • Numbered airforce commanders
  140. For what purpose is the airforce organized?
    War and global capabilities
  141. List 2 central issues which govern the way the airforce is organized?
    • 1-principal of unity of command
    • 2- The tenet of centralized control and decentralized execution
  142. Why is it important to understand Air force organizational terms and structure?
    War is waged & airpower through and by organizations
  143. AFTL(airforce task list)
    When defining a task,what is meant by descrete!?
    A task will only be listed once although the relationships between particular task & multiple others task may be complex.
  144. List 2 types of task?
    • (MET) mission essential task
    • Supporting task
    • Enabling task-makes possible to accomplish a MET
  145. How are the AF task organized?
    organized as core task,capability task,task that provide capabilities ans performance task.
    What must you understand before you establish you (MET)?
    Understand that your mission and the task that are essential to mission accomplishment.
  147. List the types of assurance that commanders need to ensure their unit can perfom its mission?
    • Operational assurance-ORI, tac eval
    • compliance assurnace-stan eval,nuclear surety safety
    • task assurace
  148. Describe the changes the military went through after the cold war?
    we worked to downsize our forces,,the requirment to maintain readiness and respond to the new missions all around the world
  149. What research was accomplished during the development of Global engagement?
    • Space cast 2020-looked at how the space arena would evolve and that new missiond and applications for space powermight develop over the next 25 yrs.
    • Airforce2025- to determine how the world might look in the future.
  150. Who was on the board of directors for the development of the new vision?
    • Key airforce leaders
    • assistant secretaries
    • the functional managers of the air staff(3star generals)
    • all major command vice commanders
    • guard and reserve commanders
  151. What are the 4 basic trends considerd in the JOINT VISION 2010?
    • 1-Technologies in our military arsenal are widely available&affordable
    • 2-contingencies are more complex and numerous than ever.
    • 3-the military must be prepared for short-notice actions
    • 4-continued deficit reduction efforts will result in greatly reduced operating budgets
  152. How does air and space power relate to Joint Vision2010?
    JointVision2010 provides an opportunity for the Airforce to demonstratethe combat power and utility of air and space power to the joint force commander
  153. Global engagement is based on 6 core competencies & 4 central themes, what are the themes?
    • 1- intergration of air and space
    • 2- airman of tommorow
    • 3-commitment to innovation
    • 4- increase efficiency thru outsourceing and privatization
  154. Under the theme of "airman of the future", what is expected of the airman?
    to be skilled at their jobs and understand the basic principles of our air and space power doctrine,capabilites and contributions to the joint force.
  155. What is the benifit of evalutating a new strategic vision with war games?
    war games places the players in a situtation and allows them to explore issues when they may not have complete information. also offers potential for the use of concepts within our strategy to increase efficiency
  156. What is unique about the air natl guard?
    It fullfills both federal and state missions
  157. List some examples of Air natl guard missions?
    fighter interceptor force, reconnaissance force, tatical air support
  158. To whom does the ANG unit report?
    reports to the NATL GUARD BUREAU as an administrative command and to the functiional command that they are assigned under (acc)
  159. What are some of the reserve missions?
    • 1-airlift capability,
    • 2-fighter forces,
    • 3-aero-medical evalution crews,
    • 4-combat logistics support squadrons
    • 5-aerial port crews
  160. What major command does the airforce reserve fall under?
  161. What is the armys fundamental purpose?
    To fight and win the nations war by establishing the conditions for lasting peace through land force dominance
  162. List one advantage of the naval force?
    Naval forces can suddenly appear on the horizon of most countries of the world ,signal presence and power, then with draw beyond the horizon. Force can be applied with precision and overwhleming fire power&maintain flexiblity and mobility.
  163. What is the top priority of the marine corps?
  164. List 2 of the unified commands
    • US special operations
    • US space commands
    • US pacific commands
    • US central commands
    • US european commands
    • US strategic commands
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