351 Personality Disorders

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  1. What are the three clusters of personality disorders?
    • A: Odd/Eccentric: More schizo, hard to relate to others, not trusting
    • B: Dramatic/Emotional/Erratic: Inpatient, impulsive, no responsibility, difficult patient
    • C:Anxious/Fearful: Lacks confidence, takes things personally, wants relationships but lacks social skills
  2. What is paranoid personality?
    • -Cluster A
    • -Defensive, not successful in career , suspicious, vindictive, tense, avoids interactions, very jealous, mostly in males
  3. What is schizoid personlaity disorder?
    • -Cluster A
    • -Detachment, limited rang of emotion, no contact, no relationships, intelluctal in answers
  4. What is schizotypal personality disorder?
    • -Cluster A
    • -Uncomfortable in relationships, better with animals/objects, magical thinking, mild schizo
    • -In children called conduct disorder
  5. What is antisocial personality disorder?
    • -Cluster B
    • -Criminal, violates others, no guilt or remose, lack of concious, can be charming until you cross them, exploite others, unemployed, manipulative ,projection
  6. What is borderline personality disorder?
    • -Cluster B
    • -Instability of self, relationships, impulsive, hx of abuse, sees others as scary, feel like they can't win, depresed, try not to put in inpatient, self mutation common in 2/3.
  7. What is a narcissistic personality?
    • -Cluster B
    • -Grandiose, no empathy, needs to be admired, feels superior, sense of entitlement, self centered, can not take criticism, very cheerful, relationships are one sided
  8. What is histrionic personality disorder?
    • -Cluster B
    • -Excessive, dramatic, emotional, center of attention, actors, believes relationships are deeper than others, charming, has a temper, labile, overreaction
  9. What is dependent personality disorder?
    • -Cluster C
    • -Excessive need to be taken care of , anxiety, needy, cant do anything, will tolerate being abused, wants others to make decisions, focus is on other person, low self esteem, suffer in silence
  10. What is avoidant personality disorder?
    • -Cluster C
    • -Social inhibited, inadequate, doesnt take criticism well, wants relationships but lacks social skills, shy, lonely, worries about how others see them
  11. What is obsessive compulsive personality disorder (OCPD)?
    • -Cluster C
    • -Orderly, wants control, perfection, fears making mistakes or decisions, inflexible, views others as irresponsible
  12. What are nursing interventions for the clusters?
    • A: Build trust, model social skils, teach to expressive feelings
    • B: Set limits, teach to express feelings, discuss fears
    • C: Discuss fears and decrease anxiety
  13. What are the nursing interventions for paranoid personality disorder?
    -Be matter of fact, activity orientation
  14. What are the nursing interventions for schizoid personality disorder?
    One on one basis, no groups unless in corner outside of group
  15. What are the nursing interventions for schizotypal personality disorders?
    -One on one, teach social skills, decrease anxiety
  16. What are the nursing interventions for antisocial personality disorder?
    -Set limits, discuss what is/isnt acceptable, impact of behavior, cant teach right/wrong, but consequence, anger management
  17. What are the nursing interventions for borderline personality disorder?
    -Be matter of fact, put decisions back to them, be consistent, set limits, express feelings, work on abuse issues, journal, letters, CBT
  18. What are the nursing interventions for narcissistic personality disorder?
    -Put in group, mirror techique, feelings, limit grandilose, put in reality
  19. What are the nursing interventions for histrionic personality disorder?
    -One to one, insight into feelings, think more rationally, give praise when focus on someone else
  20. What are the nursing interventions for dependent personality disorder?
    -Point out compentices, teach problem solving, decision making, assertiveness
  21. What are the nursing interventions for avoidant personality disorders?
    -decrease anxiety, social skills, assertiveness
  22. What are the nursing interventions for obsessive compulsive personality disorder?
    -Self talk message, balance between heart and head, teach balance of leisure and work
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