Comparative Test 3 (Set 1)

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  1. What are the major roles of muscles in the body?
    • 1. Body Movement
    • 2. Movement of most materials through the body
    • 3. Support
    • 4. Generation of heat
  2. Muscle cells are made of ________.
  3. Myofibrils are made of ________.
  4. What are the three types of muscle contractions?
    • 1. Isotonic
    • 2. Isometric
    • 3. Negative work
  5. Describe Isotonic muscle contractions.
    Shorting of muscle against a constant load or force.
  6. Describe Isometric muscle contractions.
    little or no contraction although muscle is acting against a force.
  7. Describe Negative work muscle contractions.
    Muscle fibers elongate rather than contract as tension increases.
  8. Describe smooth muscle cells.
    • They are enlongated, nonstriated, spindle shaped cells.
    • They provide slow, sustained contraction. These cells contain single nucleus.
  9. Describe Unitary Smooth Muscle.
    Occurs in most viscera, myogenic (Originating in muscle) contraction but modulated by nerve inpulses.
  10. Where is Multiunit smooth muscle found?
    Blood vessels, eye, neurogenic.
  11. Describe cardiac muscle.
    They are moderatly enlongated, striated and branching cells tightly united by intercalating discs. Myogenic modulated by nerve inpulse. One or more nuclei per cell.
  12. Discribe skeletal muscle.
    Extremely long striated and multinucleated cells. Supports body and effects movement of the organism.
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