Rapid Response

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  1. Staff Concerned/Worried
    The patient does not look act right. Instinct that patient is beginning a downward spiral even if non of the physiological triggers have yet occurred.
  2. Change in RR
    Less than 8 or greater than 30
  3. Change in Oxygenation
    Pulse Oximeter decreased below 90%
  4. Labored Breathing
    The patients breathing becomes labored.
  5. Change in Heart Rate
    • Less than 40 bpm
    • Greater than 120 bpm
  6. Change in Blood Pressure
    • systolic below 90 mmHg
    • rises above 200 mmHg
  7. Hemorrhage
    The patient developes uncontrolled bleeding from site or port
  8. Decreased LOC
    The patient becomes somnolent difficult to arouse, confused, or obtuned
  9. Onset of agiation/delirium
    the patient becomes agitated or delirious
  10. Seizure
    The patient has a seizure
  11. Other Alterations in Conciousness
    Any other changes in mental status or CNS status such as sudden blown pupil, onset of slurred speech, onet of unilateral limb or facial weakness
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