PH 661 Terms

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  1. Perceived susceptibility
    belief about the chances or risk of getting a certain disease (HBM)
  2. Perceived severity
    belief about how serious a disease or condition is (HBM)
  3. Perceived benefits
    belief about how efficacious the advised action to reduce disease impact is (HBM)
  4. Perceived barriers
    belief about the costs (psychologically and tangible) of the proposed action (HBM)
  5. Cues to action
    strategies to promote action, activate "readiness" (HBM)
  6. Behavioral beliefs
    beliefs about the specific outcomes of a behavior (measured by differential scale, “My using a condom the next time I have sex will help protect me from STDs : likelyàunlikely) TRA/TPB
  7. Evaluation of behavioral outcomes
    value attached to a behavioral outcome (Protecting myself from getting STDs is: good-->bad) TRA/TPB
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