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  1. what reporter(s) would you look in to find a published California Supreme Court decision?
  2. what reporter(s) would you look in to find a published U.S. Court of Appeals decision decided in 1991?
  3. What reporter(s) would you lok in to find a U.S District Court decision from 1930?
  4. what is contained in the Federal Rules Decisions?
  5. what sources would look in to find U.S Supreme Court decision one to two weeks after the case was decided by the court?
  6. what is the advantage of using the Lawyer's Edition to review a Supreme Court case?
  7. What is the advantage of using a West's regional reporter in researching rather than the California Reports?
  8. when you are beginning research assignment, what is the first thing that you should determine? how is this determined?
  9. are headnotes cited? why or why not?

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Court Decisions
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