Comparative Test 3 (Set 2)

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  1. What does the term Motor Unit refer to?
    A neuron and the skeletal muscle fibers it innervates.
  2. _________ contract slowly to provide tonus.
    Tonic Fibers
  3. In ________ each muscle fiber receives multiple motor endplates from the neuron innervating it.
    Tonic fibers
  4. In ________ the extent and force of contraction are graded by frequency of nerve stimulation.
    Tonic fibers
  5. Where can Tonic Fibers be found?
    • 1. Muscles that move the eyeball in mammals.
    • 2. A few postural muscles in appendages of lower vertebrates.
  6. _______ are most vertebrate skeletal muscle.
    Phasic fibers
  7. In ________ each muscle fiber receives a single muscle motor end plate.
    Phasic fibers.
  8. With _________ contraction is "all or none".
    Phasic fibers
  9. What are the two types of Phasic fibers?
    • 1. Slow Phasic fibers
    • 2. Fast Phasic fibers
  10. Describe slow phasic fibers.
    • 1. These contract slowly
    • 2. These are adapted for slow, repetitive, isotonic contractions.
    • 3. Energy comes from oxidative metabolism
    • 4. These contain high myoglobin content
  11. What is an example of slow phasic fibers?
    Dark meat on a chicken
  12. Describe fast phasic fibers.
    • 1. These contract rapidly.
    • 2. these are adapted for rapid movements of short duration.
    • 3. Energy comes from anaerobic glycolysis.
    • 4. These contain a high glycogen content.
  13. What is an example of fast phasic fibers?
    white mear on a chicken
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