APUSH 6-10

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  1. State Constitutions
    Constitutions made by the states which made laws more specific
  2. Articles of Conferderation
    Ratified in 1781, 1st constitution providing framework for national government limited central authority by denying government taxation
  3. The Federalist Number
    James Madison thought competing factions would neutralize each other
  4. Land Ordinance of 1785
    grid patttern used to settle land, minimum purchase of $640 for one square mile
  5. Northwest Ordinance of 1787
    Legislation that formulated plans for government's northwest territory; defined procedure for territories and prevented slavery North of Ohio River
  6. Shay's Rebellion
    led by Daniel Shay, armed in surrection of farmers in Western Mass
  7. Virginia Plan
    offered by James Madison and virginian delegation, new government with strong executive office, 2 houses of Congress and promotional representation
  8. New Jersey Plan
    Called for strong national government with 1 house of Congress and equal reps for all states
  9. Anti-federalists
    Opposed the Constitution, distrusted any government removed from direct control of the people, suspected the new constitution favored the rich and powerful
  10. Bill of Rights
    1-10 ammendments to the US Constitution adopted in1791 to preserve the rights of individuals
  11. Judiciary Act of 1789
    Created a national court system with 3 circuit courts and 13 district courts, and supreme court; supreme court would settle differences between state and federal laws
  12. Report on Manufacturers
    1791; sought federal encouragements for maufacturing protective tariffs and industrial bounties
  13. Jay's Treaty
    Controcersial treaty with Britain negotiated by chief justice, John Jay in 1794, to settle grievances tavert war. British agreed to surrender forts on U.S. territory, treaty failed to realize key diplomatic goals and provoked a storm of protest in America
  14. Whiskey Rebellion
    1794, West pennsylvania, Farmers resisting payment of federal tax on whiskey
  15. XYZ Affair
    American peace commissioners sent to France by John Adams, were insulted by their French counterparts dubbed XYZ in American Newspapers, heightened war with France
  16. Quasi-War
    Navel war between the French and the United States
  17. Alien and Sedition Acts
    Purpose to silence, Republicans first civil liberties; takes away freedom of speech
  18. Virginia and Kentucky Resolution
    Said states have final sau in determining constitutionality of Federal States
  19. Election of 1800
    Hamiltons high federalists led campaign to replace Adams with Pickney; transfer from Republicans to Federalists
  20. Bank of the United States
    National bank proposed by Alexander Hamilton in 1791; served as central depositary for the United States government and had the authoricity to issue currency
  21. Tecumsch
    Indian leader of Shawnee, defeated in war of 1812
  22. Albert Gaallatin
    Treasury, was a swiss born financer who understood the complexities of the Federal budget under Jefferson
  23. Louisiana Purchase
    U.S. acquisition of the Louisiana territory from France in 1803 for $15 million. Purchase secured American control of the Mississippi River and doubled the size of overload expedition to pacific coast
  24. Lewis and Clark Expedition
    Meriwhether Lewis and William Clark commissioned by Jefferson the exploration of the far west brought back alot of scientific data about the country and its resources.
  25. Barbary States
    North African Atates of Tanger, Algien, Tripoli, and Tunis were pirates who preyed on commercial shipping
  26. Marbury v. Madison
    Supreme Court; 1st asserted the power of Judicial review by acclaining the judiciary act of 1789 unconstitutional.
  27. John Randolph
    House of Representatives, thought Jefferson had betrayed the Republican party; despised commercial capitalism
  28. Aaron Burr
    Killed hamilton in a duel, vice-president to Jefferson- Republican
  29. "War Hawks"
    congressional leaders who called for war against Britain to defend the national honor and force Britain to respect Americans maritine rights
  30. Treaty of Ghent
    ended the war of 1812;
  31. Treaty of Ghent
    ended war of 1812; all old boundaries between U.S. and British in N.A. were restored; didn't solve anything.
  32. Adams-Onis Treaty
    Signed by secretary of state, John Q. Adams and Spanish minister Luis de Onis.
  33. Claims Associations
    Formed by Squattes; formed petition to be able to buy land
  34. Preemption Rights
    purchase of the Indians by the government
  35. National Road
    Between cumberland and vandalia IL.; crushed by stones and bridges
  36. Erie Canal
    Most spectacular engineering achievement of the young republic Economic success, reduced erst of moving goods from Buffalo to Albany
  37. Cotton Gin
    invented by Eli Whitney, 1793; seperates the seeds from the fibers of short-staple cotton enabled a slave to clean 50 times more cotton as by hand
  38. Putting-Out System
    provided raw materials to people in their homes
  39. American System
    a national economic strategy championed by Kentucky senator Henry Clay; American System stressed high tariffs and interned improvements
  40. Era of a Good Feeling
    James Monroe during the pastisan conflict abuted and bold federal initiatives
  41. McCulloh v. Maryland
    implied powers doctrine states; states cannot tax or regulate Federal agencies
  42. Jacksonianism
    political culture of white man citizens in 1820's should be drawn from the celebrated "self made men" and rejected the idea that leaders intelectual. move participation of white males in election process
  43. Corrupt Bargain
    Clay diverted his votes to Adams and he got Secretary of State
  44. Spoils System
    Rotation of Office, holder when a new press came into power
  45. independent subtreasury
    Van Buren's solutionto law Fed. funds was to establish apublic depository
  46. Indian Removal
    Georgia bought land in the Cherokee borders, Cherokee were pushed out of South into West
  47. Trail of Tears
    1838-1839; Cherokee were forced out to the West
  48. Nullification Crisis
    Right of any state to declare a federal law
  49. The Bank War
    Andrew Jackson, used his president power to fight and destroy 2nd national bank
  50. The Whigs
    Political faction that dominated Parliament
  51. Specie Circular
    Order that required purchasers of public land to pay in gold and silver rather than paper money
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