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  1. Name two focuses of psychoanalytic theories.
    1) Inadequate childhood experiences adverfsely affect adulthood functioning. Real/imagined objects or love as TRIGGERS of depression.

    2) Pathological guilt: turning aggression inward against the self (self-destructive behavior)
  2. Name the dominant theories of depression (hint: 3 theories w/ their respected theorists)
    Seligman's Learned Helplessness Model: Emphasizes attributional style (perceptions of hopelessness).

    Beck's Cognitive Theory of Depression: Emphasizes negative views of the self, world, and future.

    Lewinsohn's interpersonal theory: Emphasizes a restricted range of potentially reinforcing events and social skil deficits.
  3. What is the focus of treatment for Mood disorders?
    ***Interpersonal relationships
  4. What is bipolar disorder and give 3 symptoms.
    Mood characterized by depression and mania.

    • Symptoms:
    • 1) More talkitive than usual
    • 2) Distractability
    • 3) Grandiosity (superpowers)
  5. Describe the Mania, Normal, and Depressive waves of Bipolar Disorders stages I and II, and differentiate between I, II, and Bipolar NOS.
    • BPI: Manic = high top, Depressive: High bottom.
    • At least 1 manic or mixed episode

    (major depression-->normal-->manic ep)

    • BPII: Manic = low, Depressive: High bottom
    • At least 1 Depressive episode + hypomanic episode.
    • (hypomania & depression alternate)
    • NOS: Mood systems but not meeting criteria for I or II.
  6. What are the best practices for DEPRESSION?

    mild, moderate, severe
    Mild: education, supportive therapy, family, school involvement.

    • Moderate: CBT, IPT (possible meds)
    • (interpersonal therapy)

    • Severe: Meds & CBT or DBT.
    • (cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical-behavioral therapy)

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Mood Disorders

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