Chem 32 chapter 9

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  1. What is a hydroxyl?
    A hydroxyl is an OH group.
  2. What is an alcohol?
    An alcohold is a hydroxyl group ( OH ) bonded to a hydrocarbon ( C-C-C ) chain, the OH must be attatched to a C.
  3. In an alkene hydration process, where does the H part of the H-OH prefer to bond on the alkene?
    It will normally attatch to the carbon in the alkene that itself has more Hs attatched to it. So if it's between CH and CH2 the H in the H-OH molecule will prefer to attatch to the CH2 part of the alkene.
  4. What is hydration?
    Hydration is when a water molecule H2O / H-OH breaks into seperate H and OH and attatches to an alkene hydrocarbon ( C=C ). The H will nomrally attatch to the carbon with the most hydrogens already attatched to it and the OH will attach to the other C that was part of the alkene group.
  5. What is an enzyme?
    Enzymes are proteins ( and molecules ) that act as catalyst to speed up reactions in the body. Enzymes also make sure compounds react in a certain way when there is more than one way in which they can react.
  6. Alcohols have higher boiling points because the C-O-H bond is polar with O part of the alcohol being negative and H being positive.
    The O-H in an alcohol group is polar with the O being negative and H being positive. So, the positive Hs of alcohol molecules are attracted to the negavie Os of other alcohol molecules.
  7. The smaller the carbon chain attatched to an alcohol...
    the easier it dissolves in water.
  8. The more alcohols attatched to a hydrocarbon...
    the more easily it dissolves in water.
  9. Organic compounds tend to dissolve well in...
    organic solvents.
  10. What is a chiral molecule?
    Chiral molecules have 4 different things attatched to a carbon atom in the molecule. Chiral molecules have different things on either side of a double c=c bond.
  11. What are Enantiomers?
    Enantiomers are two different, mirror-image forms of the same molecule.
  12. All enzymes are chiral molecules.
    All enzymes are chiral molecules.
  13. What is a phenol?
    A phenol is a benzyne ring with a hydroxyl ( alcohol ) attatched.

    Phenols are also weak acids.

    Phenols dissolve pretty well in water and have higher boiling points than similar sized hydrocarbons.
  14. What is a thiol?
    A thiol is like an alcohol but it has an S ( sulfur ) instead of an O ( oxygen ) where the hydroxyl group would be.
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