Chem ch. 10

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  1. Organic Compound
    Compounds made of carbon that typically have covalent bonds, nonpolar molecules, low melting and boiling points, are insoluble in water and flammable
  2. Hydrocarbons
    organic compounds containing only carbon and hydrogen
  3. Expanded structural formula
    A type of structural formula that shows the arrangement of the atoms by drawing each bond in the hydrocarbon as C-H or C-C
  4. Alkanes
    Hydrocarbons that contain carbon-carbon double bonds (C=C)
  5. IUPAC system
    system for naming organic compound devised by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chem.
  6. Cycloalkane
    Alkane that is a ring or cyclic structure
  7. Branch
    Carbon group or halogen bonded to the main carbon chain
  8. Substituent
    groups of atoms such as an alyl group or a halogen bonded to the main chain or ring of carbon
  9. Branched alkane
    hydrocarbon containing a substituent bonded to the main chain
  10. Isomer
    Organic compound in which identical molecular formulas have different arrangement of atom
  11. Alkyl Group
    • An alkane minus one hydeogen atom
    • (yl ending replaces ane)
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