Cheaper electrical Installations

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  1. How could the use of fuses be cheaper in, for example, a motor installation?
    A time delay fuse could be sized at 175 percent versus time delay at 300 percent and result in a much smaller enclosure.
  2. The installation of a motor rated for more than one voltage can be cheaper in what way?
    The higher voltage can be selected and thereby use less current and smaller supply conductors.
  3. Is an AC generator cheaper than a DC generator?
    yes. A DC generator is always more costly since it has brushes, and a commutator and requires costly maintenance.
  4. Why are parallel conductors cheaper and prefered in electrical installations?
    Because the NEC does not double ampacity in 310.16 for double the wire size, therefore parallel is preferred for cost. (The NEC only increases about 68 percent ampacity for doubled wire size.)
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