Lit Terms 4

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  1. Braggart Soldier
    the boastful, vain, cowardly soldier is a stock-figure in comedy
  2. Bucolic Poetry
    any writing having to do with shepards; singing and wooing are chief pastoral activities
  3. Bull (Irish Bull)
    an unintentional juxtaposition of incongruous words or ideas
  4. Burlesque
    any imitation of people or literature that by distortion, aims to amuse
  5. Caricature
    a picture, description, etc. exaggerating the peculiarities or defects of persons or things
  6. Cacophony
    an unpleasant combination of sounds as opposed to euphony (a pleasant combination of sounds)
  7. Caesura
    a slight pause in a line of poetry
  8. Caroline
    anything applied to the period of Charles I of England (1625-1642)
  9. Carpe Diem
    Latin; seize the day
  10. Chiasmus
    from the shape of the Greek letter X (chi). The second of two syntactically parrallel phrases reverses the order of the first
  11. Unguent
    soothing or healing salve
  12. Munificent
    very liberal in giving or bestowing generosity
  13. Irascible
    easily provoked; easily angered
  14. Reprobate
    rejected as worthless; morally abandoned
  15. Arcane
    known or knowable to only one having the key
  16. Ingenuous
    showing innocent or childlike simplicity and candidness
  17. Sobriquet
    fanciful name or epithet
  18. Slake
    to die down
  19. Mercurial
    rapid changes of mood
  20. Venue
    event place
  21. Hapless
    having no luck; unfortunate
  22. Bilk
    untrustworthy, tricky individual
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