10/24/11 (MA) Medical Terminology - Pg. 270

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  1. duodenotomy
    is an incision if the duodenum
  2. ileostomy
    • refers to formation of an opening (mouth) into
    • the ileum
  3. rectoplasty
    refers to surgical repair of the rectum
  4. salivary glands
    are glands that secrete saliva
  5. sigmoidotomy
    is an incision of the sigmoid colon
  6. choecystectomy
    means removal of the gallbladder
  7. cholithiasis
    refers to the presence or formation of gallstones
  8. choledochal
    means pertaining to the bile duct
  9. alimentary canal
    is another word for GI tract
  10. GERD
    I a reflux gastric contents into the esophagus with heartburn
  11. anastomosis
    is a surgical connection between two vessels
  12. bariatric
    means surgery that treats morbid obesity by altering digestive structures to limit food
  13. dyspepsia
    means bad, painful, difficult digestion
  14. friable
    means easily broken or pulverized
  15. gastroscopy
    refers to visual examination of the stomach
  16. gastroscopy
    refers to visual examination of the stomach
  17. hematemesis
    means vomiting blood
  18. hepatomegaly
    means enlargement of the liver
  19. stomatalgia
    means pain in the mouth
  20. ultrasound
    refers to high-frequency sound waves that produce internal images of the body

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10/24/11 (MA) Medical Terminology - Pg. 270
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