APUSH Chapter 13

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  1. 4 main Republican candidates of the election of 1824
    Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams, William H. Crawford, and Henry Clay
  2. No candidate won the majority of the electoral votes
    So the House of Representatives had to choose the winner
  3. Presidential Elect of 1824
    John Qunicy Adams
  4. Two new parties formed
    National Republicans and Jacksonian Democrats
  5. Presidential Elect of 1828
    Andrew Jackson (beat John Quincy Adams in an electoral vote blowout of 173 to 87)
  6. Andrew Jackson
    First President from the west and 2nd without college education
  7. Spoils System
    People who had the position of President had the power to put their political supporters into the seats of the cabinet
  8. The Tariff of Abominations
    "Black Tariff" it was established in 1828, it was an extremely high tariff that discriminated against the Southerners because it favored the north
  9. Denmark Vesey
    Led a slave rebellion in response to the tariff of abominations (in Charleston, South Carolina)
  10. South Carolina Exposition
    Made by John C. Calhoun, published in 1828, denounced the tariff of 1828 as unjust and unconstitutional
  11. Columbia Convention
    Called for the tariff to be void within South Carolina
  12. Tariff of 1833
    Introduced by Henry Clay, called for the gradual reduction of the tariff of 1832 by about 10% over 8 years
  13. The Bank War
    Andrew Jackson despised the Bank of the United States. Its charter ended in 1836, so in 1833 he took all monies out of the bank so in 1836 it would be forever gone. After that, smaller regional banks were established.
  14. Tariff of 1832
    Passed in an attempt to meet the south's demands
  15. The Anti
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