German 10 & 11

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  1. What verb is used in conjunction with another verb in order to form the future tense
  2. In the future tense, What place does the conjugated verb werden appear in?
    What form and where is the other verb in the sentence?
    • The second position
    • Its infinitival form at the end
  3. When werden is used with any infinite it will always mean X.
  4. The comparative or superlative ending is added to the adjective when?

    What are these endings?
    before the usual ending that indicates declension

    (er and st)
  5. The most common adjective combination is
    als (than)
  6. The superlative adverb will have what kind of form?
    the am ... -en form, regardless of where it appears in the sentence.
  7. Whenevery an adverb has an X ending, it will nearly always be Y.
    • -er
    • compartitive
  8. Whenever an adjective with an X ending is Y, it will C be Z; if it has an A ending and no noun is near it, it will most likley be B.
    • -er,
    • before a noun,
    • rarely be comparative,
    • -er,
    • comparative
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